Amazingness. [Is Totally a Word.]

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

It’s Me. Or if you’re my English teacher, Shakespeare, or that guy who wants to be dramatic/dramatically correct then, It is I. But seriously. It’s Me.

I just got back from a basketball game where I got to play varsity. And almost fell asleep at… And got clawed,scratched,the glasses knocked off my face, and on the rare occasion bit trying to get the rebound. And fighting the really big girls as a back[/guard at some points.] My shoulder is gonna kill me tomorrow. The day I have a varsity tournament. -_- [The stupid accident that happened to my shoulder over the summer has been explained.] Weew.

Anyway, I need your help: You know my story, Reincarnation: The 12th Goddess, Right? Well, I need some prophecies for the Prophecy Class chapter. One of them should be about Sasha being the final reincarnation of the twelve and the others can be about whatever.
Explanation of Prophecy Class: Taught by the oracle’s reincarnation, Prophecy Class is the teachings of prophecies and their meanings. Usually, the students are asked to translate the meaning of the prophecy. It’s a really
Easy class; If you can get over some of the scarier prophecies.

I finished the Hunger Gammeesss! It was good. But The ending was so Uhh. Luckily I got my hands on Book II. [Using Roman Numerals is fun. Until you get past 10. Then it just confuses people.]

And I got an epic iPod case for my Birthday. It’s purple and black zebra print.

Yeah and my friend and I danced to the warm up music at the game tonight. We got weird looks, but I mean, What other entertainment is there in the layup lines.

One way to tell your brain is fried: Mispell “lines” by putting “ligns”. -_- -Waystotellyourbrainisfried-

Yeah, I’m going to sleep now. And I had a good birthday.


One thought on “Amazingness. [Is Totally a Word.]

  1. Gah! Sounds painful! T__T I hope you’re alright.

    Hmm…I think I could! Any specific prophecies you want?

    The Hunger Games is a good series! I understand what you mean about the ending, though.

    Sounds cute!

    Ha! Who cares about what people think of you, really? ^^

    LOL! Ligns! That should be a new alternative spelling for lines!

    That’s great to know! 😀

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