Uh, I guess I’m a little braggy too. D: And this post will be super long. Don’t read if you don’t feel like it.

Okay, so I know that this is copying both Rainfall and Super Thunder’s posts, but I just had to. >3<

If you don’t want to read the history of me in school and just wanna see my grades, skip down to the part with lots of bold print.

The first four and a half years of my life, I wasn’t an outcast, because nobody knew about me. I only talked to my teacher and my ex-friend Rebekah (who I now realise was the weirdest person ever) and… my grades?


An A there, an A here and A everywhere! Everything on my report card was A, except for P.E. I focused on my schoolwork more than anybody else in the class, even more than Adrian. My parents also encouraged me to use advanced workbooks. I was always in a “mixed class” and when I was in a mixed class, I was in the youngest grade.

A mixed class meant a class made of different grades, like 3 and 4, or 5 and 6 and 7 (but I’ve only been in a triple-mix once). And if I was in the lowest grade, in meant I was doing higher work.

So yeah. I was advanced. My teachers thought I was a genius. Still do. I always have to do an essay on bloody politics or terrorism (sorry for cussing… sorta) as well as my homework.

You get the idea about my first four and a half years. And I’m still in a mixed class, except I guess I’m in the highest grade, since I skipped.

Anyways, when I was halfway through Grade Five, my dad took me to a psychiatrist weekly to work on my shyness. And it worked, I guess. I’m not shy at all any more, I’m just awkward. Sometimes I have no idea what to say to someone and just laugh instead.

My grades were the same as always during fifth grade, even though I was less shy. I was still way awkward.

My grades went downhill a little in sixth grade. I was a little less awkward and I managed to talk to boys and everything easier. I talked a lot more, and this deprived me of my attention span to the teacher.

I still get A’s. I skipped a grade a term ago. Which means I’m being sent to the wolves’ lair of high school next year.

My effort grades are B for most subjects. Mum said that’s okay, because if I get A grades with the effort of B, my grades would be unimaginable if I had an A effort.

I guess that’s my history done. You probably just want to see my grades already.

Maths – Ah, maths. The ultimate headache source for most people. Not for me. I learn quickly and numbers form in my mind easily. Although it’s not a headache source for me, it’s always a snooze source. A for maths.

English – English! One of my favourite subjects. But it’s not my favourite when we actually learn it. I know already know everything the teachers teach the class, like bloody (I feel british) pronoun types and the six tenses (NOT THREE). My effort for this is A, because it’s so easy. The teacher always reads my essays out to the class so they can get ideas for theirs, which is so annoying! A for English.

Art – Ah. My total favourite subject. I do wish we did more art, but, of course, it’s still so fun. My effort is A. I kinda wish we did more drawing of people, but whatever. A for Art.

Music – I guess I get an A because I have a good long-term memory. Everyone else forgets what the notes are, how to do this, how to do that. Blah. Music is fun because most of the time you just sit and learn. A for Music.

French – Ca va tres bien, merci. Ca va? Je suis Nicola… Je ne sais pas. Je ne m’en preoccupe pas. And I didn’t use a translator tool, except for preoccupe, which I forgot how to spell. Roughly translated, it means, “I am doing well, thank you. How are you? I am Nicola… I don’t know. I don’t care.” A for Français.

Science – I never struggled. But what have we learned this year? Almost nothing! It’s almost the end of the year and the thing we’re learning is only the beginning of how a battery works! But still, the standards are low, so it’s easy to get an A. A for Science.

SOSE/Social Studies – What a snore. A for SOSE.

Physical Education – Ew, sports. I used to get C’s, but I guess I’m getting better. I absolutely hate swimming and I have no idea how to play AFL because I was never taught the rules. Also I’m gonna kill the inventor of umpiring and a million different signals you gotta do. B for P.E.

Behaviour – Baww, I’m still such an angel! A for Behaviour.

So yeah. Those are my grades.

~Bored Panda


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