Theme songs

Okay, so if you’ve been looking at my recent chapters in the drafts, you’ll probably notice frequent use of lyrics right before the chapter. If you’re on the Huntresses blog and like to look through the drafts, or if you recall one short lived story (more like one chapter) on The Zone many many months ago, you’ll notice use of song lyrics once again.

Anyway, sorry if it’s any inconvenience, but if you have a character in Haud Nomen, their theme songs would be great to know so I can use them when I introduce them! Thanks!

Um, to end a short post, here are random shipper gifs.

Um, no…I am not a hardcore shipper of various ships…



6 thoughts on “Theme songs

  1. :O The fourth GIF was disturbing… But overall good. 😀

    I dunno if you looked at my character… It was kinda late… Sawwy ’bout that… xD

    Annabelle’s theme song would probably be Homeward Bound. xD

    Just because, I mean she kind of wants to feel accepted by normal human instincs, but she likes being mean and cold. So she doesn’t want to feel accpeted. It’s complicated xD

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