In Hot Water – Chapter Eleven

Boring chapter. But a lot of questions are answered. And you meet the weird shy boy I put in the end of one of my chapters.

Keisha sat down on a balcony chair with Leesh, Ryan and Tess, who’d finally stopped looking at her nails. The note from X was in one hand, the Nazi knife in the other.

“I shouldn’t have taken the note,” Keisha said remorsefully.

“Why not?” Ryan asked.

“I’m fairly positive that the receiver wanted to check the letter again or something, and then they saw that it was gone,” Keisha said.

Leesh, Tess and Ryan looked at her expectantly, waiting for a larger explanation.

“And when I talked to the lady at the rock climbing place, she said no one had seen the register this morning or last night because they were sleeping. And I realised that we had searched Augustus’s kitchen in the middle of the night, so it would have been just as easy for someone else to take a peek at the register at night.”

“And?” Leesh said, excited to hear the final explanation.

“So the receiver or maybe the sender of the letter reckoned I was in the way of their plans. They saw I was first on the register and put the knife there so I’d fall. But Daniel said he wanted to go first. So he got the fall,” Keisha sighed.

She put the knife on the small table and let everyone examine it.

“A Nazi knife from World War II!” Leesh gasped.

“How did you know?” Keisha asked.

“My grandpa has one of these,” Leesh said, and picked it up. “There’s some sort of carving on the bottom.”

Keisha took it from her and saw the initials: CTB. What could CTB stand for? Keisha wondered.

Caleb had said his knife had his initials on it, and C could have stood for Caleb. The one targeting the group was clever, using other people’s weapons both to frame them and to make sure they couldn’t investigate the weapon any further. Or maybe it was Caleb.

Keisha quickly grabbed the list of staff on June and scanned it for Caleb. There he was, Caleb Tony Blake, his little picture beside the name.

“It’s Caleb’s knife,” Keisha said fairly certainly.

“Keisha, I was just thinking we should stop meddling in this character X’s business. You’ve seen what he or his men or the receiver or whatever can do. You don’t want to go any further,” Tess said.

Keisha agreed.

Nothing bad happened to the group for a about a week.

The day after the rock climbing incident, Keisha decided to visit the control room while Tess, Leesh Ryan were in the games room. The control room had a huge window and a captain sitting behind a panel of switches, levers and flashing lights. He swiveled his chair around and greeted Keisha with a toothy grin.

“Hello dear. I”m Captain Arthur Ivory.”

“Really? My principal has the same last name!” Keisha grinned.

“No surprise, because he’s my brother. Say, what would you like to see? There isn’t much to look at here.”

“I just wanted to visit,” Keisha said politely.

“Prendergast, hello!” Captain Ivory said as though he were addressing a toddler.

A man had just appeared out of no where. He was a big, burly man with an angry face and a short, spiky beard. He walked away silently.

“Sorry about that. Prendergast’s my other brother,” the captain sighed.

“Okay… Well, bye!” Keisha said cheerfully, skipping away. She made her way to the games room, greeting the group.

‘Kesh, let’s go see if we can visit Daniel now. It’s felt like forever,” Ryan said.

Tess, who got full authority over who held the map because of an air hockey competition in the games, led everyone to the doctor’s office.

The receptionist gave the doctor a quick phone call.

“Dr. Nightingale will see you now,” she said kindly.

The group proceeded into the doctor’s office and saw Daniel with a purple cast on his arm.

“Hey, guys,” he laughed as everyone rushed to sign the cast.

The doctor came into the room. A tag on his white doctor’s coat said, “Dr. Nicholas Nightingale.” He had the ever-so-popular slick-back style and rectangular spectacles. He didn’t look like a happy man.

“You have five minutes,” he said blandly.

“Doctor, is Daniel going to be alright?” Leesh asked.

“Yep. A few weeks and the cast will be off. Nasty break, though,” he said.

“Has he broken anything else?” Keisha asked.

“No,” the doctor said, annoyed at so many questions.

“But he fell from so high,” Keisha persisted.

“Well, he landed on a human cushion, didn’t he?” Dr. Nightingale seethed.

Keisha was quite offended to be called that. She turned back to Daniel.

Dr. Nightingale leaned down to Keisha. “Stay out of everyone else’s trouble,” he hissed.

Keisha saw him immediately as a suspect of the crustacean and rock climbing incidents.

After the five minutes with Dr. Nightingale, the group, complete with Daniel, walked back to the girls’ suite. On the way there, when they were walking through the corridor, they met a boy of about ten who had blonde hair shielding his eyes from the world.

“Well, hello. Are you lost?” Tess asked. “This corridor is meant for the seventh-graders.”

He didn’t reply but instead looked down. Terribly shy, the boy was.

“Can you point to us where your suite is?” Tess asked, showing the boy the map. He pointed the one opposite to the girls’.

“Are you sure? Well, alright then,” Keisha said. “What’s your name?”

He whispered something so faint that no one could hear what he said.

“I’m sorry?” Leesh said.

“Billy,” he said a little louder.

“Well, maybe we’ll see you again, Billy,” Daniel said.

Billy nodded slightly and walked into his suite. He didn’t want anyone to know that he was, theoretically, a stowaway. And those big kids were very suspicious.

He laid down on his bed and stared up at the ceiling fan. He especially didn’t want Dr. Nightingale to know. He knew the doctor might just throw him overboard.


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