I feel guilty.

Bragging ahead-Please don’t read it you don’t like braggy people!

Wewp, this is kind of me copying Nireth’s post. D: Anyway, it’s complicated to explain, but I lived in Las Vegas, my grades were okayish, I moved to Pocatello, my grades were okayish, I moved back, my grade(s) plummeted to their death! D:

It’s kinda hard to explain, but I’m one of those people that does NOT deserve A’s. Like, I really, really don’t. I feel guilty when I look at them, because I think of my friend who is being pulled out of Accelerated classes. She works so hard, and I don’t even do my homework!

Okay, I kind of do do my homework. But, it’s kinda hard to explain. My house is about seven minutes from the school, and I do it during those seven minutes. I just honestly think homework is something that should not be done during my private free time (aka: Xat.com). And anyway, my homework is such bad quality! I feel guilty sometimes. Also, I’m not the most “academically honest” person. Which also makes me feel guilty once in a while.

But anyway, Nevada is the dumbest state. I’m not joking, it really is. For example, somewhere in, say, New York or something, the eighth grade kids probably get Pre-Algebra, and Algebra 1. Here, most kids get Math 8. Which is sad. But I’m in Algebra 1, and it annoys me. Here’s my classes.

Advanced Chorus:

Easy A. Show up for concerts. The thing is, me and that teacher are not the best of friends. I once called her website stupid. I mocked how she stands. I sarcastically told her what she was wearing was pretty. I sarcastically told her I liked her hair. She might’ve detected the sarcasm on the last one though… A few days later, she showed up with her hair chopped off. I nearly went mad. But overall, we’ve made peace. She just gets annoyed when she sees me chewing gum in her class, or reading a book under the music.

English Acc 8:

Easy enough, I suppose, but I’m not sure what Mrs. R thinks of me… See *blushes* I have the third highest grade though, it could be a lot worse, considering all those test I didn’t study for.Well, I never study for anything, so I shouldn’t even be complaining. And the sad part is, I don’t regret not studying. But, unfairly, I got A’s on all of those, and I helped some kids cheat. Hey, if they bombed it, theyd get kicked out of that class!

Algebra 1 H:

Great class! Mrs. T is the nicest teacher ever, lets us grade out own assignments, and lets us retake tests. And she lets us use our notes, which are epic! So far, Algebra isn’t so bad, except for intercepts. I hate graphing. The bad thing: I don’t know if I can’t do it, or I’m just too lazy. Also, for the whole “academic dishonesty thing”… I sometimes don’t finish my homework for that class. She lets us grade it, and she does all the work on the board, so I kinda just fill it in, and mark it right… Don’t judge me badly though! I do fine on tests!


Totally mixed feeling. Mrs. M is alright, but I just… She makes us play games with, like, flying projectiles. Okay, flying projectiles are balls. But they are dangerous. I am telling you. The other day, we were playing lacrosse, and… Well, let’s just say I’ve had a headache that has not gone away since that day. And every time I touch that part of my head, I see stars. :C Also, it’s kind of embarrassing in kickball. Maybe I’d do good, if I knew how to play, but I just don’t! It annoys me so much, that I would rather do 3 miles. Serious.

Science Acc 8:

This class makes me feel so guilty! The teacher is up there, teaching, and I’m leading an army of paper airplanes.. It’s not my fault, though! I just know everything she says! Really. And well, maybe I would not feel guilty if she blamed me, but she always blames everyone around me. And I’m such a rotten person, that I don’t tell the truth. But anyway, this class bothers me. The teacher tells everyone on a regular basis that I’m the only one fit to be a scientist. I don’t like science! So why…? Oh, well. I’d trade my science skills for PE skills. *is sad*

Geography Acc 8:

Why I’m in Accelerated, I don’t know. And I don’t even try the slightest bit, I copy off of the person next to me. I regular;y sleep during this class, I mean he turns off the lights, and I’m just so tired after all that hard school day.. Oh, well. I need not go into specifics.

Well, that’s my whole thing. You might think I’m a bad person now. Maybe I am. D:


One thought on “I feel guilty.

  1. Oh, don’t feel guilty! And I don’t think you’re a bad person at all! ^^

    If you heard of my homework history in 5th grade, well…^^;

    And besides, you’re in a lot of advanced classes! 😮 Wow! That’s super cool! I can imagine just how much the homework load is!

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