Her Life Matters More, Chapter Three

Polka dot pajamas. That’s what Carly was wearing. They were a white with red polka dots tank top with white and red polka dots shorts. And they were new, which was awesome. Quickly, Carly out them on, and brushed her teeth. Then she hopped into bed.

Yep, she was stuck sleeping with her mom.It wasn’t the worst thing ever, though. The house had AC, and so they probably wouldn’t get unbearably hot. Probably. Besides, Dixie had curled up on Carly’s feet, so she wasn’t gonna disturb him. Her hair in a braid, she got ready to sleep.

But the thing was, she couldn’t sleep. She’d been so tired just a little while before, but the whole business here had unsettled her. Had Carly just been paranoid? Imagining and inferring things based on her previous knowledge? Whoa, stop right there, Carly scolded herself. I’m here because it’s summer vacation. As in, no school. Emphasis on the no school part. Meaning, I’m not gonna think up the definition of making inferences. But of course, her brain did just that.

Ah, the first day of sixth grade. Joy. In Los Angeles, you could still take sixth grade in elementary school. And that’s exactly what Carly had done. She’d totally messed up, though. She had asked her daddy to transfer her to a different elementary school. Everyone’s her old school would have gone to middle school by now, But Carly wanted elementary school. The main reason was to meet new kids, and have a chance at becoming popular. It had been a total fail, however.

Skinny jeans and blank gray t shirts. That’s what people wore nowadays. It was kind of annoying. Hadn’t girls, like a thousand years ago, been proud to wear dresses? And now, everyone who wore dresses was frowned upon. Carly, to this day, didn’t know what she had been thinking on that day. She’d worn the most ridiculous outfit. A shirt striped horizontally with every color of the rainbow, A yellow skirt. Green socks. red shoes. Orange jacket. Blue bow. ha. She’d paid for doing that. People called her “Rainbow”. Nobody wanted to talk to her. Teachers called her antisocial. Typical stuff.

And ah, schoolwork itself. Math was the most annoying subject. Carly had had no problem with math, until they combined it with english. xy * -35? Who cared/knew that? She certainly did not know how that would help her, or frankly anyone, in life. But it would do. For now. English, okay. Typical grammar. Reading, awesome. Just read. She didn’t need help with reading. But for social studies… Ha, ha. That was a different matter. They talked about… What was it? Romans? Egyptians? Greeks? Cavemen? No, it was something like all of them put together. But in the end, it proved to be no more interesting than math.

But going home was probably the best/worst. Best, because her dad got home late. So she was with mom. She could use her iPod freely. Go on Facebook. Email people. Get on the laptop. Go onto online games. Go onto chatrooms. And things of that sort. Good stuff. It made her feel like a normal, free kid.

Mostly, she was happy. Until her dad got home, that was the problem. Her dad claimed she was the most important thing in the world, but sometimes Carly doubted that. He was either absolutely trying to ruin her life, or protect her from all that… stuff out there.

She’d never been to a friend’s house. She could only go on Webkinz. Her dad had to personally greet the teacher every day before planting a big kiss on Carly’s cheek, and openly threaten anyone who even looked at her. She couldn’t have a cellphone, or makeup. She couldn’t wear her hair down. She couldn’t go on field trips. It was just a complete nightmare.

Then there was her iPod. Carly honestly needed to send whoever invented iPods a bunch of flowers. She’d told her daddy she wanted an iPod touch. Just for music, she’d promised. What her dad didn’t know, was that that iPod had Internet. She could communicate with strangers… And her sister.

Riley and Carly’s dad hated each other. They’d gotten into a terrible fight once that made Carly shudder at the thought of it. It had involved screaming, and the aura of violence. Never had Carly seen her dad so mad. Or Riley, for that matter. That was a tough issue. Carly was not allowed to have any contact with Riley. But that wasn’t an option for Carly.

Carly’s dad didn’t know Riley lived with Aunt Julie still. Well, he never bothered to call, so Carly assumed she didn’t have to tell him. Not lying. Just not saying the whole truth. There was nothing wrong about that.

And now, as Carly lay in the black room, she realized she had a lot to talk to Riley about. She just needed to get a perfect timing, meaning when Aunt Julie wasn’t taking care of a bunch of sick relatives. There was Aunt Jocelyn, who was mentally ill, Riley’s biological mother. There was Gramma, who was mentally ill, and paralyzed. Aunt Julie took care of both of them, plus Riley and Justin. Carly figured this must have been extremely stressful.

So many sick people. It freaked Carly out a little bit. She definately hoped it wasn’t contagious. But really, she needed to go to sleep now. Turning over so lightly, so that she didn’t do something to Dixie, Carly started counting sheep. So much nice sheep. The white sheep. The sheep of dream..

Slowly, Car;y drifted off to sleep. She only awoke when her mom was holding a giant tray heaped with pancakes and milk. Squealing, Carly sat up, rubbed her eyes, and eagerly waited to eat. I was probably just grumpy yesterday, Carly though. Today will be so much better!


(Author’s Note: yeah, this chapter pretty much doesn’t talk about the plot at all! It’s kind of just a little background information on Carly’s life!)


4 thoughts on “Her Life Matters More, Chapter Three

  1. I never knew talking about background information could be so interesting! I wonder what the two dads had fought over.

    Great work. 😀

  2. I really love the story! It is so good!
    I wonder why it is named ‘Her Life Matters More’?

    I like Carly’s outfit it sounds cool…0.0 maybe for an odd person like me. xDDD

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