Oh my god, I can’t stand all this grade drama I keep thinking about!

First, spelling bee. Well, yes, I got a packet for this year’s spelling bee. Again. Perhaps it’s just me, but I hate the fact that I’m entered for it again! I know it’s supposed to be an honor, but let’s take a look at last year…

First off, the school spelling bee starts off where you’re assigned to a certain table and seat, and that’s the order you’ll be in for the rest of the time until you get eliminated. It’s a really stressful process, and I figured I’d get out in the first round, but no.

I hope I don’t sound like I’m bragging or anything, but I made it to the final round, and everyone who does that (about, I think, 5 people) gets the title as 3rd place. Now, that’s what I call stressful!

I hope this doesn’t go on my permanent record or anything– I don’t think I can stand another spelling bee and get out in the final round once, then the first round in the next year. The truth is, spelling isn’t my best talent, nor is nerves, so I cannot imagine myself confidently making it anywhere with this. I hate having to participate again!

But then, that’s not the only academic problem, really–


Look at me! I’m not an intelligent person, I’m a ditz, I stand around clueless, but I still get fine grades! They’re not like, something brilliant, but they’re decent! Straight As in my entire life, all but an 89 in Advanced Math last year and an 85 in Advanced Math in 5th grade. I’m not particularly bothered by those, though, as it was Advanced Math.

I’ve always been fine in Science, and it wasn’t like I struggled with it. The only thing that really melted my brains was Math, and guess what my average was when I got my latest progress report and report card? 98 and 97! I was incredibly surprised! How on earth did that happen?!

Oh, but then I took a glance at the progress report and it held an 80. (well, actually, when I last checked my old progress report, it had an 81, but I recall an 80 entering somewhere in the equation)

Well, I can’t say I was so shocked that I could’ve died right then and there, but it stung! How does someone who’s never had much trouble in Science suddenly get a C?

Well, luckily, before the semester was over, I pulled that up to a 92. But at the same time, my current Science grade…meh. I don’t know what it is now, but judging by some recent test grades, I’m probably hovering around just above a passing grade. Maybe I’m not even passing.

I guess it all ends up into a big giant sigh.

What are your best and worst subjects?


One thought on “Grades

  1. I hate Spelling Bees. It’s not that I’m bad at them, I just hate them. My class is competing for the Spelling Bee right now and I’m forced to participate. We don’t even have Spelling class anymore.

    We had a Science Section on the Metric System and I had a pretty low B- in Science, but brought it up to an A before midterm. I am really, rely bad at the Metric System.

    I’m terrible at Math. I couldn’t solve a mental math problem to save my life. And again, the Metric System really gets me.

    7th Grade English and Reading are really easy.

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