Super Glue – Chapter Four

Monday morning, hesitate, can’t get out of bed
I’d rather go back to the dreams livin’ in my head
Tuesday evenin’, pack my bags, I’m heding out the door
I left a box of memories lying on the floor

“We have a busy day tomorrow,” Ari said, twirling a strand of hair and looking at her notebook. “We’ve found three more like us a few days ago. Two guys and a girl, we think. And we’re gonna raid a shop.”

“Reckon we should go for 7Eleven?” Connor asked, finally awake. His tummy grumbled the same time as everyone else’s. It was around three o’clock and they all hadn’t had lunch.

“Maybe just a supermarket,” Ari said.

“Good suggestion, but there’d be too many people. I’d need five people with my powers to be able to freeze everyone,” Dakota said, tapping her flute.

“How about we go to a small general store?” Carson suggested.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Ari said. “We got our sleeping bags from a general store, and there has to be food. So we’ll be good.”

Carson silently applauded herself and felt proud. Her first good idea in the company of Super Glue.

For the rest of the day, the crew lounged around reading books or playing with the tennis ball which was found at the bottom of a bag. “I had some useless change,” Connor had said innocently.

The two books, Pride and Prejudice, which Dakota didn’t seem to be enjoying, and War and Peace, which Ari loved, were taken. Connor threw a ball up in the air and caught it. He repeated, never stopping or dropping.

Carson sighed, bored, and rummaged around in her satchel bag, though there wasn’t really much to rummage around in. She decided to play her violin later and took out her camera.

Carson was actually an okay photographer. She made her photos either bright or emotion-capturing, secretly taking photos of the trees, one of Connor’s tennis balls lying on the wet grass, Ari reading her book calmly, Connor happily and energetically throwing his tennis balls in the air and Dakota staring up at the sky innocently.

After her photo session, Carson looked over her shots and smiled.

Dakota appeared behind Carson and sat on the ground with her. Carson didn’t even notice until she finished going through her shots that Dakota was there.

“Oh!” Carson exclaimed, genuinely surprised.

Dakota blushed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. It’s just that I saw you had a violin and if you brought a violin with you, that means you’re pretty attached to it, which probably means you’re a good player, which probably means you won’t mind if you play me a song,” Dakota smiled hopefully. “Connor is hopeless at anything musical and Ari is a pretty good singer, but she doesn’t like singing in front of other people. And obviously I can’t sing or play.”

“Sure, I’ll play something for you. Wanna give me a song?” Carson said kindly, still intrigued by the younger girl’s angelic complexion.

“Do you know ‘Cosmic Love’ by Florence and the Machine?”

“Of course I do! I love Florence and the Machine! But I sing that song kind of loudly,” Carson said, recalling the one time she’d sung instead of just playing it on her violin.

“That’s okay,” Dakota said kindly. “And I’m sure Connor and Ari would love to hear you.” The two glanced at book-immersed Ari and sporty Connor a little further away in the clearing.

“Maybe I could be your harmony. If I sing really quietly, my voice won’t have any hypnotization powers,” Dakota said.

“Okay,” Carson laughed. She picked up her violin, place her chin on the chin-holder and started to play the opening chords. She sang softly at first, working her way up to the chorus.

Carson’s voice literally brought a tear to Dakota’s eye. Dakota smiled and listened as Carson passionately sung, the words flowing out of her voice like air through a tunnel.

The stars, the moon…

Carson sung the chorus with her more powerful voice, letting herself go free. Dakota decided not to do the harmony but instead just listened, and she slapped the drum beat on her leg.

Violin, voice and slap played “Cosmic Love” beautifully.

No dawn, no day…

Connor and Ari heard the pair of music-lovers and walked towards them. They were the audience.

Carson closed her eyes and got rid of her mini stage fright. What she loved was singing, especially when someone else played a song with her.

Carson closed the song with a final stroke of her violin with her bowstring.

She looked up and saw Connor, Ari and Dakota all with watery eyes. Yes, even Connor.

“Why are you guys crying?” Carson asked, not exactly sure how to react.

“We haven’t heard music for ages. It makes us all happy. Connor and I were really sad when we realised Dakota had unintentionally hypnotised us when she played for us, so she never played again,” Ari, said, rubbing her eye and smiling.

“And it’s a beautiful song,” Connor wailed, obviously exaggerating his tears.

Dakota hugged Carson and thanked her. They all did. Music was one of the things they had been deprived of during their roam around the country.

A few minutes later, Ari had managed to create a fire and plopped five small cans of baked beans into a rusty pot, then she used a thick stick and the hole in the pot which must have been drilled ages ago to hold it over the fire without burning herself.

Carson helped Connor find and get out the plates from one of the bags. After ten minutes, the baked beans were warm enough and Dakota scooped out equal servings with a spoon.

Carson dug into her early, tiny dinner hungrily.

“Hold your horses, or your mouth,” Connor laughed. “You’ll want to savour your dinner.”

Carson took his advice and looked up at the sky. The sun was starting to set and the sky turned shades of purple and gold.

She ate every bean one by one, even though she usually despised baked beans.

“Mmm,” Ari said. “Delicious.”

Carson was shocked at Ari.

I’m even going to include a little YouTube vid of Cosmic Love for you to listen to when you read over the singing bit again, lol.


2 thoughts on “Super Glue – Chapter Four

  1. Aw, I wish I could play violin as well as Carson seems to! ^^ I’ve been playing it for four years and the only non-compositional song I know is Our Song and Love Story! T__T I would kill to learn Florence + the Machine!

    But anyway, no need to listen to my violin rambles. ^^; Great chapter, can’t wait for more! c:

  2. Great chapter! I have no idea who that group singer whoever is but I think I might listen to the song later! Love the part when Conner cries. xDD

    Poor poor Dakota. She can not sing or play her instrument. I bet I would die if I were in her place. 0.0

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