Super Glue Relationships

Okay, first I’d like to say that I REALLY want MS to be re-started. I’m trying my best, posting frequently. But if you’ve never heard of it and you love writing come to Miscellaneous Stories and request to join.

Now onto more important stuff. TN requested that I put up all the characters so you can discuss the characters’ relationships with each other. Click more.

No one be Connor’s girlfriend or Carson’s boyfriend, okay? *nudge nudge* And… well, that’s pretty much all I have to say. Here are the characters so far:

  • Name: Carson Campbell (mine)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance in a paragraph: A face of average complexion, a few freckles, shiny black hair and bright green eyes.
    Personality in a paragraph: She’d been quiet and a “scowl-face” during her ten years at boarding school, but when she met Super Glue she opened up and became more cheerful. Like Connor, she loves a good laugh. She can be rough when she plays a game and she’s extremely determined when it’s needed. However, Carson’s blood can boil (not literally) when she meets someone who puts down others , either physically or mentally.
    Talents/Powers: She can create all the elements of a storm except wind. So she can create lightning, clouds, rain and hail. She can also absorb electricity, water etc. Basically most things to do with storms.
    Good traits: She’s determined and is good at meeting new people. She’s also a good secret-keeper.
    Bad traits: She can mistake someone for a “put-downer” and it gets rough. She also takes some things personally.
    Likes: Connor, playing violin, playing flute, singing, photography, reading, looking at the sky, observing things.
    Dislikes: Being alone (not because she’s afraid), “put-downers.”
  • Name: Connor Clark (mine)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance in a paragraph: Charming smile, chocolate side-swept bangs (kinda like Zac Efron, except… spikier?) and dark green eyes which twinkle when he’s happy. Not literally, though.
    Personality in a paragraph: He’s loves a good laugh, he’s friendly and is very casual. But when times of panic or life-and-death situations come, he gets really serious and tries to think everything through properly.
    Talents/Powers: He’s a shape-shifter, but he can only shift into living forms which he touches. If the person he shifted into has powers, he doesn’t get them.
    Good traits: He’s kind, helpful and funny.
    Bad traits: He often annoys everyone when he becomes ultra-serious because he’s completely silent.
    Likes: Carson, sour worms, being helpful.
    Dislikes: When he gets super-serious, people who abuse power, bullies.
  • Name: Dakota Mirriam (TN’s)
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 13
    Appearance in a paragraph: She has whitish blonde hair with green blue eyes. Which change to topaz when she is in a negative mood. She is tall and lumbers over guys which make herself conscious of herself sometimes. She is not skinny like a stick but has some weight. She has an angelic perfect face people would say.
    Personality in a paragraph: She is kind hearted and loyal. But can be to naive at times. She loves animals and people and will open her heart and secrets to anyone and I mean anyone. She is terrible at keeping secrets and will just blurt them out but her kind heart keeps people from being mad at her. She also does ballet which makes her flexible.
    Talents/Powers: She can make enchanted instruments that will either hypnotize the person listening to it or leave them into a temporary paralysis. Her talents are playing music and fighting hand to hand combat.
    Good traits: She is kind hearted, compassionate and loyal
    Bad traits: She is too naive, will trust anyone, does not enjoy fighting or bloodshed and is terrible at keeping secrets
    Relationship with other characters: TBD
    Likes: Animals, people, surprises, music, dance and flowers
    Dislikes: War, bloodshed and disloyalty.
  • Name: Ari Littleton (Rainfall’s)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance in a paragraph: Ari has long, layered, crimson hair and dark blue eyes. She’s pale, but tall and thin with a couple of freckles splattered across her nose.
    Personality in a paragraph: Ari is a typical, dreamy, strange girl. She might seem to be in the clouds, but she’s got a sharp tongue and she isn’t afraid to use it. She has a strong sense of justice and refuses to treat a person who doesn’t deserve it with kindness.
    Talents/Powers: She can create wind.
    Good traits: Normally nice, imaginative, curious, sense of justice, intelligent, open minded, honest
    Bad traits: Turns severe when she feels her rights have been violated, stays with the same path she chose at first, never wants to give up, holds grudges, snaps out at people, quick to judge, insists on what she thinks is right (though it’s not always right on right-wrong terms)
    Relationship with other characters: She has many friends, but with that comes many enemies.
    Likes: Reading, dreaming, justice, sleeping, helping others, asking question, the stars, cats, photography, music
    Dislikes: Those who do wrong, people who abuse power, very early mornings, broken promises, gossip, when her camera’s being stupid, homophobia, close mindedness
  • Name: Drey Lilly (Batcat’s)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance in a paragraph: Fair light hair, light skin, dark blue eyes (Almost black), 5’9 and very lean.
    Personality in a paragraph: Very shy, and only speaks up when needed, blushes when spoken to by a pretty girl.
    Talents/Powers: Fast, and has to power to see in the dark. :3
    Good traits: Kind, determined, very fast
    Bad traits: Self conscious, has a horrible poker face, almost to fast, and slightly reckless.
    Relationship with other characters: Er… You can put Drey with a girl if you want. I WANT TO SEE HIM SQUIRM WOOO. xD
    Likes: Chocolate, iguanas, track, running
    Dislikes: Sour stuff, birdies, and he’s not much of a book person.
  • Name: Kyle Lorry (Nirry’s)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance in a paragraph: Short, unruly dark brown hair; it’s not exactly spiky, but it’s messy and sticks out in all directions. Tall, but not a giant. He’s more on the stocky side when it comes to build, but he’s not fat, just muscular. His eyes are grey, and his face is very expressive.
    Personality in a paragraph: Even though he’s really smart, he doesn’t rub it in anyone’s faces. He’s very laid-back and doesn’t take much seriously, doesn’t get intense or worked up about things. He’s not a joker himself, but he has a good sense of humor and enjoys a good joke.
    Talents/Powers: He can make plants grow–even magical (If it’s not a story about magic, then can they just be plants that he spliced with other things to give them special properties?) plants that people don’t believe in! He’s also very knowledgeable about botany, but he knows things that go beyond what normal botany would cover.
    Good traits: He’s very forgiving and helpful; he makes a good mentor.
    Bad traits: He often lacks a sense of urgency when he should have one, nonchalant about serious things; sometimes keeps important knowledge from others because he doesn’t want to seem like he’s correcting them by bringing it up.
    Likes: Plants, peaceful things, sunny days and rainy days, helping plants, helping people
    Dislikes: Droughts, being dehydrated, when people try to force him to be super intense
  • Name: Kitty Rodriguez (SC’s)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Appearance in a paragraph: Firey Red hair and chocolate brown eyes.
    She’s pretty short for her age and is skinny. She likes wearing
    T-Shirts from various bands and cowgirl boots. Her eyes are said to
    have a certain ‘Fire’ in them when she gets angry. Wonder where that
    came from…

    Personality in a paragraph: Kitty is a pretty reliable, loyal girl who
    will stick with you no matter what you do to her, despite her
    rebellious attitude.  Even though she lacks faith in herself, she’s
    pretty enthusiastic about everything and accepts it with a cheerful
    She’s often accused of having Pyromania[The impulse to start fires
    because of grief/revengeful purposes.(And the title of a Cascada
    song)Just Wikipedia it.], even though she doesn’t. Though she did burn
    a few things the first time she tried controlling fire.
    Talents/Powers: Controls Fire.
    Good traits: Enthusiastic,Reliable,loyal,cheerful
    Bad traits: Lazy, rebellious, lacks faith in self,
    Relationship with other characters: Meh. I don’t mind, but she’s only 14;
    So not too serious.
    Likes: Fire, acting, comedy movies, baking muffins, being with friends.
    Dislikes: Being accused of having Pyromania, accedently singeing
    people, rain, traitors, being left alone

Alright, have fun discussing. 😉


10 thoughts on “Super Glue Relationships

  1. Oh gosh. I forgot to make a character for your story. Is it too late?

  2. Hmm, I don’t know about Ari. ^^;

    Let’s just say, I don’t mind at all if you give her a crush, or have someone crush on her! However, Ari’s kind of the person who runs from love, so I don’t know if she’s the type that goes into relationships, though she might still be prone to falling.

    1. Hah. Would you mind if Dakota liked him Batcat? Your choice!

      Relationships: Likes Drey. You can catch her staring at Drey with a dreamy look. And oftenly tries to talkl with him and..ahem..flirt xDD.

      If only RA minds…
      She is very good friends with Ari.

      If Cat minds…Dakota has a small hate for Kitty.

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