In Hot Water – Chapter Three

Ohmigod… I just realised I’ve been spelling Carribean Caribbean wrong all along.

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It seemed to take years, but Monday finally came. Keisha woke up at eight in the morning and did her arriving-at-docks look. She stuffed her face with toast and Fruit Loops, then brushed her teeth and jumped on her parents’ bed. Her dad had finally come home from a long business trip, but now Keisha was going to go away for a long school excursion.

Keisha’s parents mumbled and opened their eyes. She bounced out of the room and into the kitchen. The girl prepared lunch for herself for the long car ride ahead, and a few muesli bars for snacks. Her lunch consisted of a ham-and-cheese sandwich, an orange juice popper, a muffin and a water bottle.

Keisha stuffed her lunch into her backpack and slipped on her thongs. She stood impatiently by the door, waiting for her parents to get up.

“MUM! DAD!” Keisha roared to the bedroom upstairs.

Her parents appeared at the bottom of the stairs, dressed messily.

“Yes, Kesh,” her dad said wearily, hugging her tightly. Keisha hugged him back and then held out his shoes. He put them on and his wife put hers on too. She unlocked the car.

Keisha ran out the door and into the car, popping with excitement. Her parents followed, but slower, and started the long drive to the docks.

“You’re leaving me,” Keisha’s dad pouted.

“Heh, don’t worry, I’ll come back,” Keisha said.

“Don’t get into any trouble, okay?” her mom warned. “We want you to have a good time being free and everything, but don’t be too free. Be safe.”

“Yes, Mom,” Keisha sighed. “Tell me my restrictions,” she mumbled.

“Just don’t go into the engine room or let any pirates kidnap you. Your teachers will hopefully protect you,” her mom said, swerving left. She almost missed the turn to the road which led to the docks.

After she ate her lunch and sat for two hours, Keisha squealed when she saw the sign welcoming her into the docks. She also saw the group of about a hundred seventh-graders. It seemed some parents didn’t allow their seventh-graders to go. Poor kids… Keisha thought.

Keisha jumped out and kissed her mom and dad. She grabbed her zebra-print suitcase, said a final goodbye to her parents and ran towards the group, suitcase trailing behind her.

She’d miss her parents, but, as sad as it was for Keisha to say, they’d be the last people on her mind on this holiday.

Keisha saw Leesh with a huge suitcase standing upright beside her. They squealed and ran towards each other, grinning.

“Kesh! I love your sunnies – oh my cheese, I’m so excited!” Leesh bounced.

Keisha agreed. “I know, right?” she said, bouncing with Leesh.

At the front of the noisy group was Mrs. Rick, Principal Ivory and around eight other teachers. Keisha also saw Tess, another one of her best friends. She crept up behind Tess and then squeezed her.

After Tess caught her breath, she smiled from ear-to-ear and hugged Keisha properly. Leesh joined in.

Principal Ivory tapped Leesh on the shoulder. “Alicia, you’re the most responsible out of this gorup. Which you mind taking care of everyone for a few minutes? We need to do some final organisation,” he said. Leesh said she wouldn’t mind and took his megaphone. All the teachers walked over to some sort of booth.

“Can I borrow that?” Keisha asked, making a puppy face. Leesh twisted her mouth and thought over this. But Keisha’s sparkling eyes begged Leesh to give her the megaphone. And Leesh did.

“Yay!” Keisha grabbed the megaphone and stood on her tippy-toes. She raised the megaphone to her lips.

“Guess what?” she shouted into the megaphone. “WE’RE GOING TO THE CARRIBEAN!” Keisha punched a fist into the air and everyone cheered, suddenly abandoning their conversations. They whistled and screamed with delight, as if they’d gotten a million dollars for free. Someone had brought a mini CD player which had quite loud speakers and played “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. Everyone danced and threw their hands in the air.

Passers-by watched in amusement. Keisha grinned and joined in, dancing her heart out. She grabbed Tess and spun her around. Leesh giggled and watched everyone but blew her whistle when she saw the teachers coming back. Everyone froze and went back to their normal conversations.

The principal thanked Leesh, took back his megaphone and continued watching over the group.

They were waiting for the ship to arrive. Keisha gazed out at the calm sea, deep blue water disguising a whole forest of plants and sea creatures. The surface sparkled and glinted in the new summer sun.

“Keisha, did you bring any prankster things?” Tess asked, knowing Keisha loved pranking people.

“You bet,” Keisha grinned. “Boy, are we gonna have fun at eleven in the night,” she giggled.

Leesh hopped over to the two girls and pointed out to the horizon. “Look! A ship!” Indeed, a small white speck could be seen on the horizon. Two minutes later, Principal Ivory confirmed that it was June.

Keisha squealed and ran to the front of the group to get a better look instead of having to stand on her toes.

Twenty minutes later, June had docked and Keisha, Tess and Leesh could all see its magnificient beauty. It was a large ship, alright. Everyone thought the size and beauty of the ship were breathtaking.

“Whoa…” Keisha managed to emit. Tess and Leesh were speechless.

Principal Ivory broke their trance-like state, speaking into the megaphone. “Okay, pick up your bags and get on the ship, everybody! Susie will give you your room number and key. Most of you will be sharing rooms with others.”

Keisha, Leesh and Tess carried their suitcases as they stepped over the gap between the platform and the ship. A lady at the desk, probably Susie, gave Keisha, Leesh and Tess keys to room 21B. When Susie said it was a suite, the girls grinned, but she also said that everyone was getting a suite.

Principal Ivory led everyone to the place where the rooms were.

And Keisha knew it was the start of an epic holiday.


2 thoughts on “In Hot Water – Chapter Three

  1. I love how dedicated you are to this story! Three chapters in such a short period of time! Me, I’ve written about a paragraph on Haud Nomen in a week. ^^;

    I’ve read all the chapters so far, it’s a really nice story. I’m jelly. I wish I could go on a cruise. 8D

  2. That’s O.K., I can NEVER spell Carribean right (<–proof) ^^"

    I don't know how Keisha is so brave! I always cry when I leave my parents, even if it's just for, like, two days!

    Wow. That ship sounds AWESOME! ^^

    I hope Keisha, Tess, and Leesh have fun!

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