How To Write Lots Frequently

I heard some people have problems writing frequently, so I have some tips I learned from two years of writing and one of WordPress’s writing help posts.

  • Music – music is great for getting inspiration. Maybe it’s just the lyrics, or maybe the tune, but you’ll get inspiration. It’s also good to choose a song with the same mood as your chapter gives. Like, if something great and amazing was happening, I’d choose “Cosmic Love” by Florence and the Machine. A happy chapter would be “Dog Days Are Over,” also by Florence and the Machine. So listen to sogns while you write.
  • Chapter Length – I found that when I wrote chapters of 3000 words, I’d go, “Ugh, I’m never gonna finish this.” Then I decided to write chapters of 1000 words. That meant I wasn’t pressured to write more if I didn’t want to. Think about your perfect chapter length,
  • Enjoy What You Write – obviously you’re going to get bored or frustrated if you don’t enjoy what you’re writing. The reason I write In Hot Water so fast is beacuse I enjoy writing it. So, only write what you know you’ll enjoy writing.
  • Go On – you need to write ideas that can allow the story to go on and are at least a little interesting. Once I wrote something that made me cancel writing the story because I couldn’t go on (anyone remember The Pool?).
  • Choices – for most people, it helps if you have many stories to choose from to write. You need to make sure you don’t get bored. For some, it’s better if you stick with a single story, but that’s for you to decide.

Hope I helped. 😀



One thought on “How To Write Lots Frequently

  1. Oh, I so agree with a lot of your tips! Thanks for posting them, I’ll probably look to them a lot!

    And OMR! You mentioned Florence + the Machine! I love them so much, my favorites are Falling and Howl, I always listen to them 24/7! Music really helps me in writing, I have about 70 playlists labeled Inspirational on my Spotify ^^;

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