So…. How’s Life?

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

This is a post to catch up on stuff. I haven’t posted for about a week.

I feel like I’m neglecting my stories.
So, I was wondering if you’d like it if I posted Camile’s Story or Reincarnation every week or two, alternating weeks. Basketball and homework might change this a little, but I can manage. Vote on the poll below with your opinion.

We started reading The Hunger Games in English. It’s pretty good. I mean like the first four chapters are. I still don’t like the fact they kill eachother on live TV, but I can get over that if the book gets really, really good.
I couldn’t believe Katniss stood up for her little sister at the reaping like that. Or the fact they are forced to treat The Hunger Games as a holiday. That must be shameful, treating this punishment that could take your children away like a festivity.

And I finished The Son of Neptune last Friday. It was amazing, but the ending disappointed me a little.
Hazel is the most amazingly awesome character ever. And so is Ella.

My birthday is in 5 days! I feel really old.
Just shower me in beef jerky and money and Ima happy girl.

Did you guys have a good Halloween? I had a basketball game, but I did get some candy. And a bunch of gum, which I hope I don’t get stuck in my hair like all the years before…

@ Pandora- Oh my gosh! Camile looks great so far. When I saw that you were working on her I almost danced around in my room. Thank You so much!


One thought on “So…. How’s Life?

  1. Yay, I’m excited to read your stories! ^^

    The Hunger Games is a good book! But I’m with you, death doesn’t make sense! TT_TT I hope that our society never goes back to watching people get slaughtered for fun!

    Happy, happy, happy early BIRTHDAAAY!

    YAY! I loved my Halloween! My friend and I got chased by a troll!

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