My Unusual Obsession.

I don’t know how, but I have an unusual obsession with…

German-translated-to-English Animated Tragic Emo Songs!

I know. If you wanna see for yourself, look at this first video that started it all. That’s Anna Blue. She’s so sad about something that she made a song/music video for it in September 2011 2010. She somehow reminds me of Amy Lee XD.

Then I came across this video. The english version came out in March.  Seen the plot and some of the screens before, but awesome song!

… yeah. Finally, there’s this actual German band that only posted one animated music video out of three videos (the other two are real life people). This band is called Eisblume and it’s like a German Evanescence. It took me a while to find the english version, so I can’t get the german version out of my head! XD

I can’t get the embed link, but I can give you the link. Yeah, you got to click away. Sigh.

Welcome back! Well, my monologue of random german-to-english animated tragic emo songs have drawn to a close.

BT out!


2 thoughts on “My Unusual Obsession.

  1. O. M. T.

    I watched them both, like, five times!

    THE ANIMATION IS SO BEAUTIFUL! Holy cow, it looks like a professional animation studio made it or something! I’ve seen college animation projects that weren’t anywhere NEAR as good. HOLY BOLOGNA!

    I want to be an animator so badly TT_TT

    Oh, and the music is pretty, too! ^^

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