So Far

Sorry for my chain ‘n all, but I felt SC had the right to look at her Camile so far, lol. Which I only started an hour ago.

Yeap. Click for full-size.

And, uh, I also worked on something a few weeks ago, but I got fed up with the hair. It’s my weak spot. D:

OOH, and I also worked on something weeks and weeks ago which I totally forgot about! A BotB meme! Here’s a sneak peek:

xxTea was my dA name. XD So yeah… I’m hoping to finish Camile first, then the meme. The weird floating lady isn’t important.



3 thoughts on “So Far

  1. Oh, the face is so pretty! ^^ I love how delicate her features are!

    What are you talking about? The hair looks fantastic! It’s all fluffy and curly and stuff! ^^ The shading/gradient is fabulous, as well!

    Haha, cool! ^^ I can’t wait to see the finished works!

  2. Camile looks so amazing. I could just die of awesomeness right here. (But then I couldn’t see the finished drawing…)

    The hair looks pretty.

    A Battle of the Beings Meme? I’d so do that if it didn’t require drawing.

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