Possible Resignation

Sorry for double-posting, but I feel this note needs a post of its own.

When I go to high school I might have to quit. I hear you get heaps of homework and it’s due within days, and I’ll have other things to do. I’m simply saying that life will be much busier and I’ll have more important things to do.

No offense to you guys. You’re like my second family and I was planning on staying here until we all left high school and got jobs of our own. Yes, I did. But I was nine and much less smarter than I am now. I really wanted to grow up with you guys – go through hardships and joy with you. Maybe it just won’t be possible.

So yes, I may have to resign. I don’t know, I’ll have to wait until I actually get to high school and experience the homework load. Nireth seems to be able to manage, so why shouldn’t I? I actually only wrote this post as a notice, so that you guys don’t get startled when I suddenly write a resignation note. Correction: if I suddenly write a resignation note.

So yeah. Laterz.



3 thoughts on “Possible Resignation

  1. It all depends on if your in sports, and what classes you take, and what grade. I have to say that my Freshman year is going okay so far, and it’s mostly just taking time off. But I have time on the weekends, and there are halfdays!

    Just sayin’!

  2. OH NOES! T__T This cannot be! I would be horrified if you resigned! I do really hope you don’t have to, though I understand if you do. I’m sure you won’t have to quit, though, if you can go through junior high, according to my sister, you can go through high school!

  3. Oh, no! I hope you don’t have to resign! TT_TT

    The homework load really isn’t that bad! But don’t–DON’T, I SAY!–model your high school coping strategy after mine! The only reason I have free time is because I procrastinate all day by reading books, drawing, and patrolling the interwebs, then stay up until 2-3 A.M.! It’s really not a good system ^^”

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