SO I’ve been neglecting drawing Camile… and posting… But it was all because I’ve been helping my friends sort out which school they’ll go to. I mean, all my Year Seven friends. Sheniya’s going to Merrimac and so are Carlita and Brooke. Thomas and Rachel and I are coming to French Immersion in my future high school. And about half the class are just going normally to my future school. Lucky people. D:

And I’ve been saying yah or ja too much. When I went trick-or-treating, Jazter brought along a Brazilian girl who said it too much and I can’t stop saying it when I mean to say yeah… ja.

Also, why is my girly header up there? O:

Sorry for shortsies post.


2 thoughts on “Neglection

  1. Ja is fun to say! ^^

    Oh, your header is there because I happened to accidentally delete the old one when deleting media pictures on the WTR harddrive thingy, and yours was really cool. Sorry if you don’t want it there, if you don’t, I can make a new one, albeit crappy! ^^;

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