O.K., this is rather random, but my History classes in the past have had rather annoying names.

First, they’re called “Social Studies”.

Then, they switch to “Geography”.

By the time the term “Geography” becomes familiar, the class name is switched to “History”.

And then “AP World” vs. “World” is thrown into the mix!

But anyway, guess what!?


Also, I just ordered a bunch of random stuff, so expect a picture spam post some time in the future ^^”

Oh, and Link, (Or any other brony/pegasister)

if you haven’t already seen this: I think you would REALLY appreciate some of the shirts on this website! ^^

Sorry that last part was so cryptic! I just had to keep it hidden from the all-knowing and wrathful Machine Lord! No disrespect intended, highly exalted overlord! 

I hope all of you are doing well! I haven’t been on in a while; I feel so out of the loop! TT_TT

Has anything exciting happened? Anyone found any cool music? Any dragon encounters lately?

Hiccup and Toothless say, “Hi”! ^^


4 thoughts on “Classes!

  1. I want to ride on that horse, no matter how small! *noble face*

    My friend started randomly singing Lykke Li’s I Follow Rivers. It has a nice tune. 😛

    Anything exciting? I got put up a grade. Which I didn’t think was very exciting anyways. -_-

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