Mrs. R: Okay, hand in your papers!

Me: *passes paper forward*

Kid in front of me: You forgot to write your name.

Me: Oh thanks. *scribbles name*

One week later…

Mrs. R: Okay… My class clowns, come forward.

*three kids walk forward*

Mrs. R: Who wrote this paper? This person has hideous hand writing! I know girls don’t write like this.

Boys: Um, no not mine. I think… The first letter is an “I”.

*whole class turns to look at me*

Mrs. R: *stares at me, shocked* You better hope it’s not yours…

Me: *grabs paper and turns red* Oh, um, well, y’know, stuff, and, uh, um, well, yeah, you, yeah, and, um, well, yeah, I… Kind of, I guess.

Whole class: O.O

Me: *dies*


3 thoughts on “*blushes*

  1. There’s nothing wrong with bad handwriting! ^^ And, besides, if you were in a rush that could explain why it looked worse than usual.

    I agree with Batcat, I’ve been marked off COUNTLESS times for giving illegible answers! (Especially in multiple choice; a looks like d, etc.)

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