I have not posted in FOREVER.


Make a long story short, I out about a trillion viruses on my poor laptop. Then it just, like, stopped working and stuff. But then, I got it wiped, etc., etc.

Stuffs you don’t need to know, but I’m saying anyway:

  • I was a rainbow fairy for Halloween
  • I got a lot of candy, but no rocks :C
  • I wanted a rock
  • So I put a rock in my bag
  • And I said “I got a rock.”
  • Ha!
  • Rainfall got me interested in Doctor Who
  • I nearly cried in Journey’s End
  • Poor Donna
  • I did not get today’s homework. Would anyone like to explain it?
  • It was about X-Intercepts and Y-Intercepts
  • Don’t worry if you answer tomorrow or osmething, I’m not doing the homework anyway
  • It’s too boring
  • A teacher of mine is freaky
  • I’m trying out for the solo
  • In Homeward Bound
  • But it has soprano notes
  • And I’m an Alto 2
  • And hence, I have a five note range voice
  • Imagine only being able to sing five notes
  • It sucks
  • But I’m still trying out
  • Also, I got 12:15 on my mile time!
  • Which was awesome
  • ‘Cause the time before last, I got 13:16
  • And last time, I got 13:15
  • So I kinda assumed I was gonna get 13:14
  • But I got a whole minute better!
  • My first attempt at the mile this year, a month or something ago was 14:11
  • So I’ve improved
  • Yay me!
  • Today, we missed a Geography lesson
  • The teacher takes attendence by seating chart
  • And we all trade places
  • So it took the whole class period for him to track everyone down
  • He’s old, he doesn’t memorize our faces
  • So according to him, I’m Shanna
  • I’m so not
  • Ha, he went down the rows
  • Muttering names and looking at people
  • And finally, he said “So Alex, Isabelle, and Justin are absent?”
  • And we say NO!
  • And he says “So Jenna is in Emily’s seat who is in Takashi’s seat, who is in Jessica’s seat, who is in Ashley’s seat, and Shanna is in Ashley’s desk partner seat, so Shanna is here, but she’ds not the girl in seat marked Shanna. So who’re you?”
  • And I explain I’m Isabelle
  • And he says “You’re not Shanna?”
  • And, well, it’s complicated
  • Also, i jad gum the whole class period
  • He didn’t notice!
  • Whee! Well, that’s it
  • My mama is yelliing at me to go to bed
  • G’night!

5 thoughts on “O:

  1. Sweet costume!
    LOL! Great idea!
    OMR YAY!
    Ugh, I know right. Donna didn’t get the ending she deserved. T__T
    Uh…sorry. No hablas ingles!
    Good luck on that solo!
    Yay you! Congratulations!
    Hah! Yay that, Geography makes my head spin, though I do love human geography.
    LOL. Hai Shanna!
    Luckeh, my teachers have eyes like hawks!

  2. Oh, no! Viruses are quite stinky!

    Yay! I love rocks, especially quartz and rose quartz! ^^

    X-intercepts and Y-intercepts? Are–(GASP)–are you doing graphing? Nyerrrrrr TT_TT Graphing is stinky. I always manage to get the slopes backwards ^^”

    Good work on your mile! ^^

    Aww, I’m sorry you had to miss History! TT_TT

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