Taking Characters for Story

I got inspired by Rainfall re-starting HN, so I decided to re-start an old story of mine. I never posted it or even finished a chapter, but I always felt like writing it. Until I got to the computer and my hands wouldn’t type my ideas. That story was called Super Glue (lame name, I know).

And I need characters. I’ll only be accepting eight characters, so there’s a limit of one char per person. If you want a character to be put in my story, please fill out the form thing below and send to ohnoitsnicola@hotmail.com.

Appearance in a paragraph:
Personality in a paragraph:
Good traits:
Bad traits:
Relationship with other characters: (Optional, but if you decide to fill this one in, discuss in comments please.)

Oh, and SC? I know, I’m such a procrastinator. Once I get my art book back on Tuesday I’ll continue working on it.


2 thoughts on “Taking Characters for Story

  1. Name: Dakota Mirriam
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 13
    Appearance in a paragraph: She has whitish blonde hair with green blue eyes. Which change to topaz when she is in a negative mood. She is tall and lumbers over guys which make herself conscious of herself sometimes. She is not skinny like a stick but has some weight. She has an angelic perfect face people would say.
    Personality in a paragraph: She is kind hearted and loyal. But can be to naive at times. She loves animals and people and will open her heart and secrets to anyone and I mean anyone. She is terrible at keeping secrets and will just blurt them out but her kind heart keeps people from being mad at her. She also does ballet which makes her flexible.
    Talents/Powers: She can make enchanted instruments that will either hypnotize the person listening to it or leave them into a temporary paralysis. Her talents are playing music and fighting hand to hand combat.
    Good traits: She is kind hearted, compassionate and loyal
    Bad traits: She is too naïve, will trust anyone, does not enjoy fighting or bloodshed and is terrible at keeping secrets
    Relationship with other characters: TBD
    Likes: Animals, people, surprises, music, dance and flowers
    Dislikes: War, bloodshed and disloyalty.
    Change at your will Pandora! Cant wait for the story!

    Reference: http://www.realbeauty.com/cm/realbeauty/images/rP/rby-bride-blonde-hair-de.jpg

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