What?! WHAT!?

O.K., so I’ve been browsing on Amazon and the Universal Studios store (for no reason; I don’t have any moolah, so I’m not sure what the point is ^^”) and I’ve found a disturbing trend:

People are really pitted against Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw!

Like, seriously, even in the store for Harry Potter World, only about 15% of house stuff is Hufflepuff related! And only about 10% is for Ravenclaw! It’s TOTALLY not fair. about 40% is Gryffindor stuff, and 35% is geared towards Slytherin.

O.K., so maybe that’s a bit extreme. But the ratio of Gryffindor and Slytherin to Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw is still WAAAY out of wack!

Gryffindor has this cool hoodie–URGH! I’m going to have to go on another angry t-shirt making spree–but this time, I’ll make a hoodie! I’ll be like, “HA! Take that, Marketers!”

That probably won’t happen ^^”  But it’s fun to talk about!

Anyway, this toy looks awesome!

Hehe, it’s a puppet-dragon! But it’s, like, 20$ (and I probably wouldn’t buy it, anyway ^^”)

But anyhow!

I seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY want to go to Harry Potter world again! TT_TT But I want to LIVE there! And, like, go to school at Hogwarts!


I wonder what age the American School of Witchcraft and Wizardry starts recruiting at? I hope soon! I don’t know how much longer I can wait!

But OMT. The Hogwarts robes at Universal? They’re $99.95. $99.95! They’re very well made, but still: that’s CRAZY.

Would you pay $99.95 for a robe?


3 thoughts on “What?! WHAT!?

  1. Depends, is the robe magical? If it was I would so pay 100 bucks for it. If it wasn’t, I’d just waste my money on something else, like music.

  2. WHAT?! Not cool! T__T Poor Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws…sigh, I though I could couture on you, Universal!

    Indeed, that’d be so fun to do!

    Why yes it does! o: Norbert looks adorable!

    Ugh, totally! I’m going to find a way to cheat the afterlife and escape to a world where I’m a sorceress who rides on ice dragons.

    And if not that, Salem Witches Institute or the Doctor better find me soon. T__T

    Aw, there goes my chance of getting a robe!

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