Character Sheet for TN’s story

Here is the character thing:

Hair color(spectrum colors please ROGGBIV)
Eye color
Body type
Art Ability
Relationship with other characters(optional)


Name: Kyla Kirkwood
Age: 15
Hair: Violet
Eyes: Violet as well
Body Type: Slim and strong with some muscle
Height: Quite tall and 5’6
Personality: She is very smart but is definately quiet and shy. She can be crazy and friendly. She has some friends but isn’t a popular girl who would have a few boyfriends or anything like that. She is also athletic.
Flaws: (to be decided)
Art ability: Writing

My characters

Name: Opal Karine
Age: 15
Hair color: Indigo
Eye color: hazel
Body type: small and petite. But has well toned legs and arms due to dancing a lot.
Height: Opal is quite short compared to the majority of people her age. She is 5’1
Personality: She is what you would call a popular girl. She has tons of friends. But she is pretty mean and snarky. She has a clique of girls who do her bidding and worship her like a goddess. She is also always dieting and can be obsessed with how she looks like.
Flaws: She has been purposely mean to some people(your characters. Tell me if you do.)and they learn to hate her. She also gets competitive easily and can get bossy. She learns whild building Earth to not be so bossy. Also, she tries hard not to appear girly.
Relationships: Twin brother is Travis.

My boy:

Name: Travis Karime
Age: 15
Hair color: Indigo and streak witb blue in places.
Eyes: Hazel
Body type: He is athletic because he plays basketball and has some muscle. He isnt skinny like a stick but has some weight.
Hieght: Tall, then why would he play basketball?? At a towering hieght of 5’11 he is oftenly considered older due to his height.
Personality: He isn’t as social and popular as his sister. But has a few close friends. He is creative, smart and organized. Which is the reason he is often picked to be leader of groups or projects. But somehow tries to weasel out of being leader because he is timidHe has an alright relationship with his sister. But they fight sometimes because she thinks he is so much better than her. He often feels awkward about his height. Buy when he is on the courts he is anything but shy.
Flaws: Travis hates being the center of attention and strives to get away from it causing him to chicken out a bit. He can be very timid and shy. He doesnt make friends with every person he meets. He also has a short temper and if you irrate him. He would scream his head off at you and never say sorry.
Relationships: Twin with Opal so far.
Art ability: Painting

There are our characters. They don’t seem like they could form earth but they will learn from each other and become better people!

Comment your characters! Need 9 PWEASEEEE.

Can someone help me with a name too???


Here is the list of abilities to choose from:

Sketching: Human made objects
Sculpting: Life forms
Collage: Nature
Sewing: Apparel
Oil pastel: Weather and seasons
Charcoal: Rocks, gems, mountains and death
Animation: Movement
Acting: Emotions
Music: Sound


10 thoughts on “Character Sheet for TN’s story

  1. Name: Gabe Lucille
    Age: 17
    Hair color: White, with neon green highlights, Spiked up with gel most of the time.
    Eye color: Blue
    Body type: Tall and realllly athletic. He’s in Cross country, and track.
    Height: 6’3
    Personality: Player player player. He flirts so much. Loves to please people. People seem to love him like a fat kid loves chocolate. He’s a super good dancer as well.
    Flaws: Tries to hard to please people, has sharp teeth, has a sailors mouth and once he starts, he can’t stop almost to a point to obsession.
    Art Ability: Art of the Dance.

    He can be the newbie.

    1. Ahaa. Aweshun character. He has awesome hair(:

      Hey, for the art ability could you pick of of these:

      Sketching: Human made objects
      Sculpting: Life forms 
      Collage: Nature
      Sewing: Apparel
      Oil pastel: Weather and seasons
      Charcoal: Rocks, gems, mountains and death
      Animation: Movement
      Acting: Emotions
      Music: Sound

  2. Name: Sophia Precilla Jaylund Kandur
    Age: 13
    Hair: long and straight;Coral with streaks of mauve ( I hate mauve but it works well in this case)
    eye color: dark brown
    body type: not really that athletic, more like anorexic..
    Height: 6feet
    Personality: Loud and outgoing! Even though it hurts just to stand up in the morning….
    Flaws: In the beggining, she should be really weak because of her eating problems…But eventually she should learn to love food and will pig out 24/7, on chips especially. Which will get her into even MORE trouble.
    Also, her loudness might get in the way of any secret missions or whatnot.
    Art ability: Poetry…Surprisingly.Also, any kind of writing in general…
    Relationships with other characters: She thinks they’re all Gods that have come to decide her fate and change her life for the better, and she blindly follows them all, even if some of them hate each other (which, I know, is sorta contradicting, but whatever). Erm, she also tends to constantly fangirl over random people she doesn’t even know, and is easily amused or excited.

    1. Nice hair color. Ahaa, can’t get up in the morning. I like how she becomes like a pig. xDD.

      Same could you use these ablities:

      Sketching: Human made objects
      Sculpting: Life forms 
      Collage: Nature
      Sewing: Apparel
      Oil pastel: Weather and seasons
      Charcoal: Rocks, gems, mountains and death
      Animation: Movement
      Acting: Emotions
      Music: Sound

  3. Oh! Would you mind if I made one?

    Name: Tio Plautus

    Age: 16 (Junior)

    Hair color: Crimson Red

    Eye color: Green-blue

    Body type: Not muscular at all; does have a bit of blubber, but he is still on the thin side.

    Height: 5’7″ (He’s short, but he’s handsome! ^^)

    Personality: He’s REALLY good at faking things, like pretending to be interested in what someone’s saying. He’s very respected and has a lot of friends, but he’s not “popular” and no one really knows anything about him. He’s very mysterious.

    Flaws: He over-exaggerates things; he tends to have very violent outbursts of emotion (just because he usually represses them), he’s very good at lying, which sometimes allows him to convince himself it’d be O.K. to do the wrong thing.

    Art Ability: Acting/Emotions

    Relationship with other characters: He is very nice to them, but it’s impossible to tell if he really likes you or not; many people like and respect him, but he makes people uneasy because of his ability to hide his true feelings.

    Feel free to change him in any way!

    Also, feel free to pair him with a girl. I don’t think he’d make a good boyfriend, though, just because he doesn’t share a lot of his emotions, so a poor girlfriend of his might get quickly fed up ^^”

    1. Cool character! He is seems more of the people Opal would like bully. She is so mean. xDD.

      Opal: OH SHUT UP!

  4. Name: Natasha Askel
    Age: 16
    Hair color: Dark Blue(almost black) and silver tips on the ends.
    Eye color: Midnight Blue
    Body type: Tall and muscular, athletic.
    Height: 6’1
    Personality: Kind if a loner, but is nice to most people, if she likes you enough she’ll stand up for you, a daydreamer. (Likes silver/shiny things)
    Flaws: Will do anything to feel loved and belong, can be bribed with large amounts of cash, gullible.
    Art Ability: Collage
    Relationship with other characters: Stays off in the background and only comes out when needed. If she likes you enough, she’ll fight and stand up for you, especially if you make her feel loved and apriciated.

  5. Name: Elsi “El” Quinn
    Age(teen): 14
    Hair color(spectrum colors please ROGGBIV): Peachy pink, slightly darker towards the tips of her hair
    Eye color: Silver
    Body type: Smaller than most people, thin
    Height: 5″3
    Personality: Elsi is a softspoken, quiet character. She doesn’t really like associating with others, even to help them. She’ll assist others if she must, but most of the time she keeps to herself. However, when she’s interested in something, her eyes will shine with a new spark and she’ll be highly alert and observant. Often she’ll notice things others don’t. She also tends to make snarky, quick remarks about things, though most of the time her words are true. She often causes uncomfortable situations, as she is quite blunt and tactless. She doesn’t really mind how affronted or offended others are, just as long as she’s not sharing their discomfort.
    Flaws: Blunt, sarcastic, unconcerned of others’ feelings (just as long as she feels like it was justified, though she isn’t always right), selfish, slightly rebellious, when others tell her not to do something she’ll go ahead and do it (just as long as she knows it’s not too dangerous), indifferent, hardly reveals what’s on her mind,
    Art Ability: Charcoal
    Relationship with other characters(optional): She gets along with most people fine, but her remarks tend to draw people away.

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