Stories and Book Obsessions

Hay, everybody. SW here. Like posting from a while. Music and hospitals have TAKEN OVER MY LIFEE. Well, if you’re wondering my name change “TN, Simons Vampire Buddy.” It is too show off my current book obsession! MORTAL INSTRUMENTS!!

Oh, and also PWEASEE check out the role-play blawg.
1. no one is role playing
2. We need guys!
3. I have no idea how to make a chatbox…
4. And NO ONE is posting except Me, Lily, Athena and Olivia..

Here it is:

Oh, and stories. O.K. So Olivia and me came up with a story idea. It is about the teenagers who go to a school of arts in a different universe..(PAUSE I AM THE REALLY ANNOYING HICCUPS!!)

…Their government is very harsh and strict. The teenagers learn that their universe is going to be destroyed by the government. But they were going to flee and create a perfect face themselves. So they decide to create another planet which we know of as Earth….

Oh, and each branch of art represents something our lives. And I need all of these filled. I will tell you which ones are taken by Olivia and me. (I am going to be a boy so it won’t be all girls. Or it might be me and my ‘brother.’):

Sketching: Human made objects
Sculpting: Life forms
Painting: Skies and seas
Collage: Nature
Sewing: Apparel
Oil pastel: Weather and seasons
Charcoal: Rocks, gems, mountains and death
Animation: Movement
Writing: Thoughts and human language
Acting: Emotions
Music: Sound
Dance: Time and History

I hoep you lie the idea. I will do a character sheet thing later on.

On to my obsessions I am so obsessed with the Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments.

On the Mortal Instruments I am on the 3 out of 4 books that are published.

My favorite characters are SIMON AND ALEC.

In the Hunger Games I like PEETA!

Well, I really have to go now. Sorry, for the short post.

Buenos Noches!

Oh, and RC I like your meme I am gonna do it later!!


7 thoughts on “Stories and Book Obsessions

  1. Yikes, I’m sorry your life’s been completely taken over! But at least the music is good! ^^

    I’m sorry for not posting! I just don’t know what to post about ^^” I’ve been kind of busy, too; now that things are slowing down, I hope I’ll have time to think!

    NOOO! HICCUP IS NEVER ANNOYI–oh, wait,you mean the hiccups as in the respiratory event ^^” I’m sorry! My bad! ^^”

    Oooh, I love your story idea! ^^

    Hm, would you mind if my character took Acting: Emotions?

    Do you need a character profile? I’m sorry, I’m just kind of bad at this whole character thing! ^^”

    Aha! That Gif is awesome! ^^


    I like Alec and Jace. Heh.

    Just picture Jace singing Tik ToK in the shower. HAH.

  3. I know how you feel, Basketball has taken over my life.

    Sorry I haven’t posted yet. I’m still figuring out how…

    Great story idea.

    My English teacher is forcing us to read ‘The Hunger Games’ and it’s all because the movie is coming out this Spring. Like I would go see it anyway. I just wouldn’t enjoy a book/movie about people fighting to the death for entertainment.

    1. Okay, I hate it when I get forced to read something. That’s how I felt at first with THG’s. Because EVERYONE was talking about it and reading it…

      But I realized I liked em. Oh well.

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