I just found a website with a TON of cool shirts! I found two in particular that I especially favor! ^^

The trouble is: They’re both $25, and I’m trying to save up my money.

GARRRR, I can’t chose! So I’ll describe them both for you:

Shirt 1:

It’s very bright (color-wise, that is; and it’s not my favorite color, but it’s not ugly), and it features one of my favorite characters. The character is my favorite because they are kind, and the shirt say something nice on it (which is also kind of an inside joke from the show).

Shirt 2:

It’s a duller color, but it’s not grey or black; it features multiple characters from the show, including my favorite character, but excludes my other two favorite characters. The design is kind of neat–all the characters are wearing cool, old-fashioned clothes, but it isn’t related in any way to the show.


The thing is, I shouldn’t buy both for financial issues, but I don’t really want to buy both. I feel like one shirt would be enough.

Also, I drew a picture during school today! I know, I actually finished a drawing in less than a week! It’s pretty different from stuff I’ve drawn before–it was just going to be some random girl, but I ended up turning it into Phoenix–that is, unless you don’t want it to be Phoenix, Phoenix Girl ^^”

I don’t feel like taking a picture of it now. But I should.

So here goes!:

Her face is all messed up TT_TT But I dare not erase it; every time I erased, I swear, it just smudged stuff everywhere! I forgot how difficult it is to work with 4B pencil, especially with my penchant to press uber hard on the paper ^^”

Also, I’m sorry her wings don’t have feathers! It took me forever to draw my last drawing that included feathered wings, so I figured I’d better just skip it ^^”


9 thoughts on “DECISIONS!!!!! BLARGH

  1. I think you should get the neon colored one! It sounds much cooler!

    And the drawing of Phoenix looks awesome! :3

  2. Incredible drawing of Phoenix, I love it!
    I like 4B’s, Because I tend to press to lightly and stuff^^ but they can be a pain!
    Hm, I think if you’ve got more neon shirts than dull ones in your wardrobe, you should go with the dull, but if you’ve got more dull coloured ones than go with the neon!

    1. Thanks! Her face is a little messed up ^^”

      I like 2Bs myself, but I tend to press a little hard (Pressing lightly is good–you’re lucky!) and I’m VERY messy when it comes to shading (and I shade in the wrong direction for being right handed ^^”) and they don’t smudge as easily.

      I don’t really have many colorful t-shirts TT_TT It was kind of pathetic–our school had a neon day, and all I had that worked was a tutu! TT_TT Thanks for your guidance! ^^ Those are always words of wisdom!

  3. I think you should pick shirt 1. I don’t like choices either!!

    Nice drawing. She doesn’t look messed up!! -.-

  4. Hmm, I really do like Shirt 1! Both shirts sound pretty cool, though. I like shirt one because often multiple designs clutter up shirts for me, and I’m a fan of simple ones. But inside jokes often generate confusion– when I wear my Harry Potter or Minus the Bear shirt, everyone always ends up looking at me strangely. But if you don’t mind multiple characters or slogans or inside jokes, either one sounds great!

    Wow, Phoenix looks pretty sweet! I love her outfit especially!

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