Guess who finally did something (semi) productive today?

If you guessed anyone but me, you’d be correct ^^”

But I did get something done: I finally finished this picture!

I got a little lazy with the background ^^”

O.K., I got a LOT lazy TT_TT

Also, I had my camera and my sketchbook out at the same time, so I figured I’d take a picture of that Hercules-animation inspired drawing that I started and was too lazy to finish!

It WAS going to be Camile, but then I got bored with the drawing TT_TT It must be THE CUUURSE!

Sorry for posting twice in such rapid succession! TT_TT


8 thoughts on “Fall!

  1. Gasp. I’M SPEECHLESS. IT’S AH-MAH-ZING. You did such a great job on it! I absolutely love it, it’s so very pretty!

    Also, your redrawing of the Hercules style is pretty cool too! I love the chiton especially.

    Excuse me while I gaze admiringly upon your art!

    But wait– ARGH! NOOOOOOO! CURSE THE CURSEEEEEE! ARGHGHGHGHGHGH *skiis away as quickly as possible*

    1. Thanks! ^^” I really don’t like the contrast in it, though; I feel like the background is too striking.

      Hehe, thanks! ^^” I got bored with the pose, though TT_TT I need to stop drawing people in boring positions!

      THE CURSE! IT KILLED THEM ALLLLL! TT_TT Run–er, skii!–while you can!

  2. Wow that drawing is so good!
    I really need to watch Hercules one day.
    Cool! Well, I have a whole bunch of unfinished drawings too XD
    Gah. Da Curse. I know how you feel. T_T

    1. Thanks! ^^

      OMT. It’s an AWESOME movie, although I warn you–it’s not accurate in any way! But it’s so cute and funny! ^^

      I’m glad I’m not alone! ^^” I always feel bad when I see an unfinished drawing because I feel like I should finish it, but I really want to draw something else TT_TT

      THE CUUURSE! TT_TT Why won’t it leave us alone?!

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