This One is For the Boys With the Boomin’ System

Not many people can rap Super Bass by Nicki Minaj. If you’re sick, that’s the number one thing to do. And you keep doing it over and over until you feel like your mouth is a tornado and you have an itchy tongue. That was my day yesterday.

As I sit here in my pyjamas, leaning over my overly-annoying tablet to write you this post, I wonder why we’re all so quiet here? I hope this blog doesn’t go dead. It’s more than a blog for me, it’s a source of friendship.

Anyways, back to yesterday. I wasn’t exactly fever-type sick, but I still got a day off school. Mum said she had to take me with her to shop with Madel, her friend. She gave me forty bucks and let me run off with a roll of toilet paper (my tissues).

Of coursse, I had to go to Supré, the BEST shop everrrr. If you Americans don’t have Supré over there I will huff and I will puff with pity for you and I will blow myself down. I bought an AWESOME top which I can’t relly describe, and at another shop I bought some cool flats.

Oh yeah, I’m officially a girl. Two minutes ago I hated shopping.

Moving on, I saw two people in Supré who looked exactly what I thought RA and Randy looked like! I mean, without the swords and… big dresses… I may just have run out of the shop screaming, though I wasn’t frightened.

And I thought I should tell you that because it is so VERY IMPORTANT.

~Pandora is always in the air but never flies coach


5 thoughts on “This One is For the Boys With the Boomin’ System

  1. Wow, that sounds like an awesome sick day!

    I wish I could miss school TT_TT I usually miss so much in one day! It’s astounding!

    I’m sorry I haven’t been on much! This week has been the busiest week of my life–I don’t think I’ll be quite as busy in the near future ^^”

    Oh, I’ll look Supré up! We don’t have it here, but there’s always online shopping!

    Whoa, that’s such a crazy coincidence! Maybe we all have clones running around in various places in the world! ^^

  2. I can rap a little bit of Super Bass. Like the hook. I could sing the chorus, but I’m coughing up a bunch of crud and the high notes I could normally hit sound like a bad squeak. -_-

    Hmm. Never heard of that store. My favorite is Rue 21.
    Sounds cool! It’s okay, I love the mall and I’m not a girly girl because of it. (I usually buy CDs and Earrings.) But I hate Back to School shopping. All that wasted money…

    That sounds so amazing. I’ve seen people that reminded me of book characters. I’m like ‘Whoa, that looks so much like so and so!’ really quietly to my friends.

  3. I cant rap. -__-. But it is cool you can! My guy friend can rap it too!

    Oh I am sorry! It will not go dead! I have been going nus with my audition! -__-

    Your day off sounded fun! I wish we had Supre over here! What is it like?

    I bet your clothes you picked were awesome!
    Wow.. I have a twin on the other side of the world! COOL!

  4. Ha, that sounds pretty cool! I’m sorry you’re sick, though. T__T

    I hope it doesn’t as well– no matter what happens though, I waited out the last silent period– I’ll do it again! I’m sure it won’t, though! ^^

    I don’t think we have one here, but it sounds like a neat shop!

    Whee! AWESOME! 😀

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