Angry Skiing

O.K., I just have to say this:

My hairstylist for Homecoming?


So I have this tiny bit of hair that’s a lot shorter than the rest (you can kind of see it in this picture):


I was watching Tangled with my friend and I realized that it’s kind of like Rapunzel’s short bit of hair! Except, of course, this one grows ^^” (I cut it after I got bubble gum in it.)

ANYWAY! He was styling my hair, and he was like, “What’s this?”

I responded, “Oh, that’s my Tangled hair.”

He asked me, “Oh, does it grow?”

I was dumbfounded by his awesomeness.

And now I have to do my Latin, History, and Science homework! I really have got to stop procrastinating ^^” I don’t even know what I’ve been doing!  TT_TT I can’t even remember! WAAAH! TT_TT

Have you ever had periods of time where you can’t remember something, although you feel like the whatever-it-is you can’t remember is painfully obvious?


7 thoughts on “Angry Skiing

  1. Speaking of Tangled…

    My English teacher said that I had hair like Rapunzel today! A golden streak in my side part! Then me and Karlly both got reminded of Tangled, which she had NOT seen!

    But my friend Bryce had with his sister and he thought that she should have kept her hair! We all started having a conversation about Tangled and HTTYD! It was the best first period ever!

  2. It must glow! I shall use the force! nggghhhh…
    Is your hair really long or something? Cuz dude, I will make you the god of awesome-mystifiying-glowing hair.
    You should really be Rapunzel for Halloween. You should. Talo demands is.

    1. Haha, I wish my hair glowed! ^^”

      It’s not that long, really. It falls just a teeny bit past my shoulderblades TT_TT I’m not sure if super-long hair would be a good idea for me, though; I have enough trouble with it as it is ^^”

      I would love to be Rapunzel for Halloween! But I already made my Astrid costume, and my grandmother (who’s going to help me out big time) isn’t coming home until November TT_TT

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