Character Sheet

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

My cousin has a yacht now and you can fit way more family members on it. (Didn’t intend for that to sound like I was rubbing it in your face.)

Ya know that story Idea I posted yesterday. (And yes boating was fun.) Well, I made a character sheet for the main character, Sasha. You can make your own character if you want, or give me suggestions for mine. If you make a character,tell me if you want it to be good/evil or a major/minor character. They go to High School, by the way.
I need suggestions on what they should be reincarnations of.

Main Info:

Name[Full]: Sasha Nicole Alexander

Age: 15

Grade: Freshman

Reincarnation: [Undecided]

Hair Color: Curly, Dark, Chocolate Brown

Eye Color: Hazel Blue

Height/Body Type: 5’9, Tall and Skinny.

Theme Song[Optional]: Rockstar~ Prima J.

Pets[Optional]: A small tabby kitten called Squeaky.

Side: Good

Food: Mint Chocolate Ice Cream.

Song: Don’t ask, it’s a long list…

Artist[As in singer]: Nicki Minaj or Rihanna.

Class: Art. Sasha loves sketching.

Sport: Volleyball, because she loves the teamwork involved in it. And yeah, it’s a fun sport.

Activities, Hanging out with the people she loves, listening to music, reading/going to the library and playing with Squeaky, her kitten.
Oh, we got ’em goin’ crazy
Maybe ’cause we so amazing
Everybody in a daze,
And that’s the reason why they hatin’
Treat us like some superstars
And only ’cause that’s what we are
Ya know we going really far,
And ya’ll ain’t even heard it all…’
‘Rockstar’~ Prima J.


13 thoughts on “Character Sheet

  1. I’m a bit confused on the reincarnation part, what would they be reincarnations of? Gods and Goddesses or animals?

    Name[Full]: Hayden Dezirae Conrad (Goes by Aden)

    Age: 16 and a half

    Grade: Sophomore

    Reincarnation: [Undecided]

    Hair Color: Light blond hair, as in almost white, in which she dyes multiple colors. At the moment, it’s totally blue and crimson streaked

    Eye Color: Chocolate brown

    Height/Body Type: 5’10, runners build, and muscular to the point if she flexes, there are musclesss.

    Theme Song[Optional]: Planetary (GO!)- My Chemical Romance

    Pets[Optional]: A piranha. JK JK. A goldfish named Tiger.

    Side: Could she possibly be on the good side, but a sarcastic, very sarcastic, person?

    Food: Otter Pops

    Song: Question invalid. Please ask again.

    Artist[As in singer]: Again, question invalid. Ask again. SYSTEM OVERRIDE.

    Class: PE/Gym.

    Sport: Track or Cross Country

    Activities: Running, feeding her Goldfish, running, eating, sleeping, listening to music nonstop, singing.

    PERSONALITY: Very very very very very sarcastic, but fun to hang around. A bit of a pessimist.

    Flaws: Has a sailors mouth, has sharp teeth, has trust issues, also gets really impatient and rushes into things.

    Extra: I advise you never to play against her in Poker.

    1. Gods/Goddesses sound cool, because your character (even though she is a girl) sounds a lot like a reincarnation of Hermes.

      And as for the reincarnation thing, I was thinking that the characters would have a bit of the person they reincarnated into’s powers/instincts and they can talk together in dreams. Sometimes, they can control their host’s body, if needed.

      “I have the sudden urge to slap you.”
      “Uh Hi? I’m [insert name here]”
      “I’ve never met you before, but I feel like you’re supposed to be my enemy… I’m Sasha.”
      *Sasha slaps [Insert name here] unwillingly*
      “Oh my gosh! Are you okay? I have no idea why I did that, Why did I do that? I am so sorry!”

      1. Oooh! Kinda like The Kanes and Horus and Nut? Because Hermes sounds great for Aden.

        Scenario 8D:
        “I’m Aden.”
        “Okay hi… I’m [insert name here]”
        “Cool. Bye.”
        “Okay… Bye… WHERE’D MY WALLET GO?!”

  2. Um okay… Well here it goes…
    Name: Rebecca Longsphere
    Age: 16
    Grade: Sophomore
    Reincarnation: Umm… Idk yet.
    Hair: Wavy brown hair,
    Eyes: Blue
    Height/Body Type: 5’8″ tall, skinny
    Pet: A cat named Scout and a dog named Dash
    Side: Um.. Can she be a traitor? But I don’t know from which side yet…

    Favorite ice cream: Chocolate
    Song: favorite pop song – “Circus” by Britney Spears favorite rock song- “Awake and Alive” by Skillet
    Artist: Evanescence
    Class: Writing. She loves to share her writing with others.
    Sport: Basketball. Well, it’s the only sport she does decent at during gym.
    Activities: Hanging with friends and family, being in a musical or play, writing, drawing, and jamming out to tunes

    Personality: She is basically a mixture of girly and goth, she’s not girly, yet she’s not goth either. Somewhere in between. She can be sweet and nice.

    Flaws: Shes pretty quiet and she tends to hide things a lot. She doesn’t really show her goth side at school, and if someone asks what her favorite artist is, she says “Brittany Spears”. She sometimes lie to get out of trouble.

    Some of this stuff is based on real life me, although some names are changed. If we are doing the greekology thing, can you do someone different than Athena? You know that Eliza is already a demigod daughter of her. And if this is going to be the 5th BT identity, I want to make sure each of them is different in her own ways.

    1. I’m thinking that Sasha might be the reincarnation of Athena…

      I don’t know who Rebecca would be…

      1. I am thinking Iris for her. Because her personality is mixed like a rainbow has different colors. She can be girly “lighter colors” and gothic “darker colors”.

  3. Name: Clarity (won’t tell last name)
    Grade: None specifically…just likes to lurk around..
    Age: wont tell; looks around 14-16.. although she’s short.
    Reincarnation: Not sure yet. xD
    Hair: Straight, dark brown, with cyan/light blue streaks.
    Eyes: kind of murky, like they’re a mix of yellow,grey-blue, and brownish.
    Height/body type: 4’5…pretty short.
    Theme song: Fences by Paramore xD
    side: somewhere along the border of good and evil, mostly good.

    Personality: Well, at first she’s very quiet and doesn’t really talk much, but then eventually she does although it’s..still kinda quiet…
    With pauses…in unnecessary places…
    She doesn’t seem so fond of being around too many people at one time, but she doesn’t seem afraid of people in general, since she’s quick to state her opinion and stand by it, and can be quite stubborn.
    Flaws: Tends to be unclear on subjects; doesn’t always state opinions directly. Also, she’s quite rude.


    Fave color: light blue.
    fave food: any sort of cafeteria food, and she has a habit of snatching mystery meat from people.
    Favorite song: Lost in Darkness by Escape the Fate, or Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold… O.o
    Favorite artist: None.
    Class: Lunch. Although she really likes hanging around the lockers out in the hall, and knows of a secret tunnel inside some unused lockers that leads in and out of the school…

    Hates: People who run their mouth too much and can’t keep secrets,
    social events.

    Activities: Appearing at random places at the “worst” or “randomest” times (although it’s not like many people actually notice her), Making silly faces at the popular kids to see if they react (they usually don’t), hiding in places or hiding stuff or just..hiding in general.

    Sorry if this is a total fail… xD
    Where it sounds like she contradicts herself, well…
    She kinda does.
    But not really.
    But she does..

  4. I like your whole story idea!

    Full name: Luna Gladstone 
    Grade: Sophomore 
    Age: 15 and a half
    Reincarnation: Hestia. (Feel free to change her!) 
    Hair: Strawberry dotted with silver highlights. Her bangs cover her eyes. 
    Eyes: Her real eye color is a striking blue. But she wears colored contacts. Which make her eyes a hazel. 
    Height/Body type- 5’6 Average height. A skinny, flexiable body. The body of a typical dancer. 
    Theme song: My December by Linkin Park
    Side: Good. 

    Personality: More on the shy side. But when you get to know her she is a really sweet and kind person. She is very compassionate. Her favorite way to express her thoughts is through her sketchbook. She is oftenly complimented on her skills and would be lost without it. But when you anger her. You really should be careful. She is also very graceful like a swan. She is also strictly a vegetarian.   
    Flaws: She is too naive at times and would trust generally anybody. Even if in their face they were marked ‘Evil’ And her emotions tend to be closed unless you look through her sketchbook.
    Fav color: Pale yellow 
    Fav food: Peanut butter. She carries a jar of peanut butter in her lunch and that’s it. In a length of a week she would have finished 2 jars of peanut butter. But somehow manages a thing figure.
    Favorite song: Criminal by Brittney Spears
    Favorite artist: Linkin Park
    Class: Art. She could hang out there for hours. She is a total art teachers pet. And half the class is jealous of her.
    Sport: Dance or figure skating. She uses it as another way to express her inner thoughts. She has trophies and is quite serious about it.
    Pet(included this late xDD.): Her pet hamster Jonathan Samuel Clark the 2nd who is a orange dwarfher pet rabbit Claire May Clark who is spotted with brown, her rat Thomas Ethan Clark, her pet mouse Millie Karen Clark and her ferret Rosepetal. xDD. She LOVES rodents.
    Activites: Taking care of animals, dancing, skating, drawing and helping people.

    Likes: Animals, drawing, dancing, kindness, silence, heavy metal music,
    Dislikes: Popular gurly girls, pollution, bullies
    Should we include a history of something?

  5. Oh, yay! Thanks for offering to accept characters! ^^ Sasha sounds neat!

    I hope you don’t mind if I make one.

    Name[Full]: Dakota Cathleen Cael

    Age: 17

    Grade: Junior

    Reincarnation: Hecate (is she taken?)

    Hair Color: Red-brown

    Eye Color: Blue-grey

    (she looks like this , though her hair color is more red-brown.)

    Height/Body Type: 5’6, average, lean

    Theme Song[Optional]: Away From Me- Evanescence

    Pets: None

    Side: Whichever one offers her the better deal OR she’s a traitor to both (you can choose!)



    Food: Spaghetti-Os

    Song: Alternative and indie style music, she has no favorite song

    Artist[As in singer]: Florence + the Machine and Mumford and Sons

    Class: Science (she likes blowing things up and experimenting with things)

    Sport: Soccer

    Activities: Writing, creative dramatics, skating, soccer, climbing trees, exploring


    Personality: She’s a bit like the unknown assassin. Though she seems to be quiet and spends her time scribbling in a notebook or wandering around with a dreamy look, she’s actually rather deadly and observant. She’s clever and good at analyzing things, as well as thinking through hard situations. She can be rather sarcastic and tactless, but she usually stays quiet unless you’re a good friend. (this is only if you choose the 2nd option of “side”) For years she’s felt alone and rejected and feels as if she’s nothing. She’s very angry at herself, and loathes who she is– leading her to become the traitor she is.

  6. Whoa, this is cool! ^^ I can’t wait to read your story! Would you mind if I added a character?

    Main Info:

    Name[Full]: Aurah Kendra Naughtam

    Age: 15

    Grade: Sophomore

    Reincarnation: Mermaid (If this doesn’t work, then can she be the reincarnation of Amphitrite (since we’re going with the whole God/Goddess thing ^^”)?)

    Hair Color: Golden-Bronze–always very shiny, but wild (Like she’s underwater!)

    Eye Color: Dark grey-purple (Like a stormy sky)

    Height/Body Type: 5’7″, slender, but still relatively curvy

    Theme Song[Optional]: Tale of the Seamaid by Leaves’ Eyes

    Pets[Optional]: None

    Side: Indifferent; she’s rather selfish, but she’ll (reluctantly) help anyone that gives her something shiny.

    Food: Edible Seaweed

    Song: Anything with a complicated, hypnotic melody.

    Artist[As in singer]: Liv Kristine (she admires her ethereal voice)

    Class: Marine Biology and/or Chorus

    Sport: Swimming, although she really couldn’t care less about swiming competitively.

    Activities: Swimming (for fun), looking at herself in the mirror, singing, studying aquatic plants and animals

    I know she’s not very likeable, but I felt like making a different-ish character ^^”

    Feel free to change her!

    If you have too many girls, here’s a dude character (you can use him instead of Aurah, if you want):

    Main Info:

    Name[Full]: Carter Emus Huber

    Age: 17

    Grade: Junior

    Reincarnation: Satyr (If you need a God, Dionysus)

    Hair Color: Sandy-brown, hairdoo-wise looks like Flynn Rider’s (He also has stubbly facial hair; if this is against the dress code at their high school, he’s a repeat offender, but doesn’t seem to care)

    Eye Color: Strikingly blue

    Height/Body Type: 5’11″–thin, but not a stick; kind of muscular

    Theme Song[Optional]: He would never agree to this, but the song that describes him most is Gaston’s song from Beauty and the Beast (he would fill the role of Gaston, of course)

    Pets[Optional]: A yellow lab named Chim

    Side: He considers himself good, but he often causes more harm than good–VERY self-centered, if someone offends him he’ll make their life miserable.

    Food: Grapes

    Song: Any Top-40 Pop song

    Artist[As in singer]: Any artist with a Top-40 Pop song

    Class: Gym: he gets to show off his muscles and athletic prowess. Or any class with cute girls to impress.

    Sport: He doesn’t care much for playing competitive sports, mostly because he has to share the spotlight.

    Activities: Flirting, flirting, flirting, dancing (with girls, preferably), and–oh, yes, he likes to flirt.

    I hope these aren’t too late! You can change either of them, and you don’t have to use them if you want to (feel free to make them bad guys, too). I can’t wait to read your story! ^^

  7. This is my first SYOC(Submit Your Own Character) story. I hope I can get your characters right.

    Feel free to submit another one.

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