I’m On a Boat!

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

Try spending the entire day on a yacht, younger self. 

… Not yet though.
Guess what? My uncle just called us and invited us on his boat! I love boats so much, they’re amazing.
And I’m pretty sure the boat has a toilet on board.(Weew. Big thrill, huh? It just proves it’s expensive enough to have plumbing…) I’m so excited, I rarely get to do amazing stuff like ride boats. Yes, I know my life is adventure deprived.


– Count how many times I say ‘amazing’ in this post. And this one counts, too.

– I gots a new story idea that I’ll never use because I’m not a great story writer, but I thought one of you amazing peoples might wanna use it.

All Sasha wanted was a little excitement in her life.
Although, she didn’t expect this!
After moving to a new school, Sasha discovers she and her new-found friends are the reincarnations of [Insert something important here] and so is everyone else in their school.
Join Them as they go through Dances, Cafeteria incidents, Mall adventures, and… Saving the World?
Yeah, just a random idea to make this post un-pointless.


3 thoughts on “I’m On a Boat!

  1. Reincarnations of…um…. pumpkins.
    No, seriously, imagine this:
    The Pumpkins are actually lost souls found by [some evil being or force] that were trapped in the form of pumpklins because they tried to stop [that evil force] from eating their science project! [the evil force] then trapped them as pumpkins, but they somehow found a way to reincarnate as humans, and started going to school again. Their main goal is to destroy [the evil force] for revenge, and be reunited with their science project.
    Then they will finally be at peace. O:

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