Another AWESOME Day!

Although it’s not QUITE as cool as yesterday ^^” Markus Zusak=my idol! He’s so young, and SUCH a good writer! If I could write half as well as him, I would be UBER grateful!

Today, we had another guest visitor: QUINTON AARON CAME TO OUR SCHOOL! He played Michael Oher in the Blind Side. I didn’t actually get to meet him (It was a thing for the Theater classes–I’m not in any Theater classes, so I didn’t get to go to his little clinic/talk thing TT_TT But I will be next year! YESS!), but my kid sister did! She got to HUG him, and he hugged her back!

Let me just say this:

He. Is. HUGE. And not, like, in a BAD way–he’s just SOOO tall!

But that wasn’t the highlight of my day! In fact, the highlight of my day was in Chem II!

We broke the law!

We took pennies, coated them with zinc, then put them on a hotplate. Because brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, we turned the pennies into:


We all thought we were alchemists! I was working with my friend and he was like, “I’ve got a golden penny!” Then our Chemistry teacher told us that it was Brass. BUT IT’S STILL AWESOME! ^^

Also, I’m super excited because I got THIS in the mail today:

YAY! ^^ I can’t wait to listen to it!

Also, we went shopping for shoes and jewelry for me to wear to Homecoming (Much to my chagrin and to my mother’s frustration–I am EXTREMELY hard to shop for!)–I was actually VERY cooperative when we were trying on shoes. I only complained once because the shoes were pinching my toes. I don’t like shoes! TT_TT

Anyway, we were looking for jewelry at Claire’s while waiting for our movie to start (We watched “Big Year”–it was good, but I don’t want to go off on another tangent ^^”) and I found a PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN LOCKET! I also found a really cool flowery locket with two charms: a purple bead (PURPLE! ^^) and a key.

But back to the Pirates locket: it’s shaped like a skull, and has a picture of Jack Sparrow inside. I don’t really have a crush on Johnny Depp or anything, but I do think he’s an AWESOME actor, and I look up to him! But the reason I chose the locket is because, on the other half, it says: “Always a treasure to be found”, and I really agree with that statement!

I personally think that there’s a good side to everything; there’s nothing that’s truly ALL bad, and there’s beauty to be found in even the darkest of times.

What would your ideal philosophy for life be?

Oh, and speaking of homecoming, I finally took a picture of my dress for you guys! ^^”

I absolutely love it! The picture kind of messes with the colors, but the sash in the middle is a royal-purple color, and the dress underneath is a light blue. Purple + blue + glitter = fabulous–for me, at least ^^”


7 thoughts on “Another AWESOME Day!

  1. OMR, your school = super cool!

    That is really awesome! Your chem class sounds really fun, I’d love to pretend to be an alchemist! The pennies are soooooo shinyyyyy! ❤

    Hurrah! ^^ Have fun listening to it!

    A Pirates of the Caribbean Necklace at Claire’s? Le gasp! 😮 Also, I love that quote! ^^

    Your dress is super pretty! I love its colors and pwetty pattern!

    1. I love my school ^^ I know that sounds weird because it’s a school, but I really do!

      Yes, it is SO fun! It’s a lot of work, though. ^^”

      I am SO EXCITED! Although I probably won’t get to listen to it for another week TT_TT I have to work on memorizing my songs for our show!

      YES! They had other Pirates necklaces, too! I saw and was like, “OH. MY. THOR.”

      Aww, thank you! ^^ I love the swirlies, too! Swirlies make me happy! ^^

  2. :O I can’t wait til’ High School, because of drama class. You get to meet very interesting people at your school.

    My sister did that in her Chem class last year. I don’t think I’ll be doing that, because my science teacher has no idea how to work a hotplate and thought a tuning fork was a magnet. -_-

    If you don’t like heels pinching your toes, try ballet flats.

    *_* Your dress is pretty! I love the colora.

    1. I got to meet some pretty awesome people, but the theater classes even more so! They have this thing called the “Visiting Artist Fund”, which pays for flying in guest stars and stuff, so theater has a LOT of really cool close-encounters!

      Aww! TT_TT I’m sure you’ll get to do it! It’s super fun! ^^ I mean, by then she’ll probably have figured out how to work a hotplate! ^^”

      I tried on some ballet flats, but my mom didn’t like them TT_TT I ended up with these heels (I’m totally going to fall on my face, but that’s half the fun, right? ^^”) because my mom and the lady at the shop were like, “Oh, they look so good!” I trust their judgement more than my own ^^”

      Aww, thanks! ^^ I love the colors, too!

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