I’ve made some new characters. Don’t worry, they’re secondary characters, so Machine Lord will still be my main.

If you were in last night’s roleplay, you’ve already met them. They are known as the Three Summoners. The tall one’s name is Lukorian, the middle one’s name is Clector, and the short one’s name is Motem.

Thousands of years ago, there was a mighty hero named Clecorion. He was called the Protector of the Earth. He kept the poor and weak safe from harm and destroyed any villainy he detected. Unfortunately, one day an evil sorcerer came to kill him so he could rule  the world. He realised he was no match for Clecorion, so he used dark magic to split Clecorion into three people, Motem, Lukorian, and Clector. They each were different aspects of Clecorion’s personality and resented eachother. The evil sorcerer easily overpowered them. Finally, Lukorian got the three to unite to make a blast that would kill the evil sorceror. After that, they parted ways, each going to a different part of Earth. Alone, they weren’t nearly as legendary as Clecorion was, and eventually faded from history. They all died to old age.

In the afterlife, they were unhappy even though they were in heaven. They wanted to go back to Earth to make a name for themselves. To be recognised again. One day, while roaming the heavens, they found a crack. A wretched voice called for them to come within. They were eager for adventure, so they foolishly ventured in. There they met the Dark Figure. Yes, Machine Lord wasn’t the Dark Figure’s only pawn. The Dark Figure promised to give them life if they would do his bidding. Once again, they foolishly did. The Dark Figure hunted down their bodies on Earth and revived them with machinery. Ecstatic with their own lifes, they were eager to do whatever the Dark Figure wanted. This is when they l0st their souls. They travelled throughout the stars, summoning the Dark Winter wherever the Dark Figure wished. Even after the Dark Figure was sealed in the Mir Temple, they continued to do so. Now, they have made a reputation for themselves as the Three Summoners. Once heroes, they have now vowed themselves to evil. They enjoy stealing people’s souls and scaring mortals with their telekinetic powers. Though they can be easily overpowered when they are separate, they can fuse together to form Clecorion once more. In this mode, they are virtually indestructible. The last time the Three Summoners came to Earth, they attacked the Beings mercilessly, but were finally forced to fuse together. Clecorion then placed a Sacred Seal over the world, and things seemed hopeless. Machine Lord then deceived them into thinking that he was with them and fused with Clecorion. Machine Lord, inside Clecorion, forced them to explode, then quickly defused and escaped. The Sacred Seal was lifted, and all looked good for the beings. Little do they know, Clecorion is still alive, and he plans for vengeance tonight.

Now, if you’re wondering what they look like, they often wear white cloaks. Once they enter battle, they pull off the cloaks and wear old white uniforms that look like they are from the American Revolution era. Besides that, they have machinery on them, such as a mechanical eye, arm, heart, etc. They also look like zombies. So when you think of them, think of cyborg zombies in white uniforms. Pretty cool, huh? :mrgreen:

7 thoughts on “NEW CHARACTERS!!! YAY!!!

  1. Oh, and um, sorry I haven’t been posting. I’m also sorry I’ve been so rude on chat lately. Oh, and Blake, you were right. I was godmodding. I looked it up. Sorry ’bout that.

  2. Oh… Okay. Thank you for introducin them last night. Well, I didnt play a major role in that anyways… So yeah.

  3. These are great characters. Wish I could’ve seen them in the RP, but I had basketball practice.

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