Ima Very Busy Girl.

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

…And that’s why I’m not posting/commenting. Basketball and homework have consumed my life.

And reading The Son of Neptune. I’m on Chapter 21, I think… It’s so amazing I feel like I’m actually there. And people have to poke me to get me back into reality. XD I wish I had drawing skills; I could draw how I thought everything looked for you. (I don’t need encouragement on drawing, I can’t even draw a straight line.)
I’m so happy to have an interesting book for once!

I’m happy it decided to pour down rain. Sadly it was right after Gym. And were playing Baseball. I’ve gotten hit countless times. Maybe it’s not the best idea to play it after we finished playing kickball…
Throwing a Baseball at someone won’t get them out, it only causes them pain.

Today’s Study Hall discussion was ‘Why Lady Gaga decided to wear a Meat Dress in public and why did they Beef Jerky it when she was finished wearing it?’ We decided that she was either a Freak, Wanted attention from the media, or both.
And: ‘Which book character would work best with you?’ I got the ‘I don’t know if anyone would be able to tolerate you and your constant singing of Ke$ha’s ‘Paris Hilton’s Closet’ or your constant use of the word amazing, or the fact you’re easily destracted sometimes or trust you with any type of sharp weapon.’ answer. I agree. I do overuse amazing and people don’t even trust me with X-acto Knives…

So what do you think? Which book character could tolerate all*Motions to self*…this?


4 thoughts on “Ima Very Busy Girl.

  1. Heh, if you’ve ever seen an interview with Lady Gaga without all the makeup and stuff, she’s a very intelligent person. She does this stuff for her Art. :3

  2. But you just gestured to all of you! ^^

    I honestly don’t think you’re hard to put up with at all! You could totally hang out with whoever you wanted to.

    It’s O.K., I totally understand! I’ve been unbelievably busy lately, myself!

    Lucky ducky! I wish it would rain where I live TT_TT

    I love Lady Gaga! ^^ I think her outfits are funny.

  3. The Son of Neptune is a really good book! It’s a lot better then The Lost Hero, which in my opinion was a little boring and repetitive. Also, NO PIPER! HUZZAH!

    Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, yay!

    I’m sorry you got hit so much. T__T


    I’m sure lots of people could tolerate you! You’d be super fun to hang out with!

  4. Basketball sounds like fun! Aww. -.- Homework.

    Oh my gosh! Have fun reading! I am waiting to get that book! *jealousy* My friend said it was great. Awww. I bet you can draw something! Don’t doubt yourself! -.-

    Ahh. Lady Gaga is a FREAK!

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