Once again.

Long time no see, it’s your old pal, MT. For a while, my computer had a virus, so I don’t go on it that much. It doesn’t really affect the computer, and hopefully it doesn’t anytime soon, but I’m still restricting my limits.

These are my crazy ideas to be done soon:

  1. Create a Halloween-themed PWH episode, then put it on hiatus.
  2. Premiere “Party Hard”.
  3. Pitch “Party Hard” to MTV.
  5. Find a new gravatar, lol.

Party Hard is generally about a 13 year-old naive, skateboarding womanizer by the name of Evan Harkuza that challenges his everyday problems accompanied by his fierce feline, Disastrous.

I hope I could start Season One in at least November, but I’m still indecisive about to host it on WordPress or Tumblr. :/

Also, what could I be for Halloween? lol.

Alright, thanks for reading, guys.

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3 thoughts on “Once again.

  1. It’s good to hear from you again! ^^ Yikes, I’m sorry about your computer! TT_TT

    Yay, I hope you get all those things accomplished! ^^ You can do it!

    Oh, I can’t wait to hear your story!

    Hm–you could be a viking! A dragon! A Hobbit! A warrior ninja thing! A demon! I don’t know ^^”

  2. MMMMTTTT! You’re back!
    Glad you got your computer fixed.

    That’s a great plot idea. I wish I could come up with a plot and make it into a great story.

    You should be a ninja or Finn from Adventure Time. XD.

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