Strange Things Roll in With the New Tides

I’m not quite sure what the title means ^^”

No matter!

I found a Homecoming dress! OMT it’s SOO pretty (Well, I think it’s pretty ^^”), although it’s kind of short compared to the stuff I usually wear. I’m debating whether or not I should post a picture of it now or if I should wait a little bit and if I should waste the media space on VSI or this website ^^”

Also, I’m reading this book called Dragon on a Pedastal by Piers Anthony–it’s SUPER good so far! But remember my Deadly Nadder, Humphrey? When I first got him, I couldn’t decide whether to name him Hugo or Humphrey. In this book, there’s a magician named HUMPHREY who has a son named HUGO! I was like, “OMT!”

Also, that picture I started at least two weeks ago (the one of Flambe, Radiance, and Raven Avelina in strange old-fashioned clothing) is almost done! HAHA!

Well… by almost done, I mean I still have to shade in Flambe and add a background ^^” But still!

I also had a very strange dream last night–in which my math teacher made it an assignment for our class to write a musical! And then a panel of snooty moms all dressed in strange, pastel clothing had to review it and make sure it was suitable. They did not find it pleasing, so they were going to imprison our class! So my friend and I went on the run (which is weird, because he’s not actually in my math class) and got chased around the world (somehow ^^”)!

It was odd.

Have you had any strange dreams lately?


4 thoughts on “Strange Things Roll in With the New Tides

  1. Cool! My sister just had her Homecoming. Your dress must be pretty.

    Sounds like a cool book.

    I’d tell you about last night’s dream, but I’m at my grandma’s house and I’m helping my cousin duct tape plastic fruit to random places. XD

  2. Yay, I’m glad you found a dress for Homecoming! And don’t worry much about wasting media space here!


    Hurrah! I’m sure it looks great!

    That’s strange! T__T I’d hate to write a musical!

    Hmm, quite a few, but they’re all slipping from my mind. I had one where I was the Doctor’s Daughter the other day, but then these mannequins took over a mall and flooded the first floor.

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