Guess What Was on My Porch Today?!?

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

It was….
The box containing The Son of Neptune! -Eep!-
This post is gonna be short-ish, because I’m gonna read it as soon as I’m done. So yeahhhh… I pranced around the house and then decided to make this post. It came in 2 days! And they weren’t business days! I’m not dreaming, am I?
Okay, just answered that question by biting me. -_-

I went to my grandma’s house and My cousin and I duct taped plastic fruit to random places, explored the woods and she told me a hilarious Sasquatch/Bigfoot story. XD.

Then my sister used her hair thing that makes your hair wavy. I look like a Cocker Spaniel. -_-


4 thoughts on “Guess What Was on My Porch Today?!?

  1. EEP! EH MY GAWD SO FREAKING JEALOUSS! I hope you enjoy it. My friend told me a little bit about it. But thankfully she didn’t spoil it for me! ^^.

    Have fun(:

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