Ella The Harpy

Is awesome. Let’s leave it at that.


8 thoughts on “Ella The Harpy

  1. I still don’t have the book. -_- Stupid Business days! I was told I wouldn’t get it til’ the 13th! Bleh.

    And some people are finished with the book already.

    Without spoiling it: Is it better than The Lost Hero and does it contain any Piper?

  2. Hmm, I know she’s from Heroes of Olympus, but that’s about it. ^^;

    But a harpy character does sound really cool! :O

  3. 😮 Piper was mentioned on Page 229! It’s such a big deal.-Sarcasmisintheair-

    The book is amazing so far. Wayyy better than The Lost Hero.

    I don’t think I’ve gotten to the Ella part
    What chapter is she in?.

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