Long Time No See?

Hello, fellow amigos. I’m sowwy I always disappear for a week – Mum STILL hasn’t bought any new internet and I’m at my Dad’s place currently.

Hmm, my news? I gotted a new sketchbook from Smiggle and it has AMAZING anti-art block powers. It has a silver leather-like cover and back, plus a ribbon for a bookmark thing, plus yellowish pages. Oh, and Nirry?

Yep, I know it is SO bad so far. Her eyes are demented, the shading looks rushed, the feet seemed to have disappeared, the dress’s folds make no sense, the pose is uncreative, etc. Luckily, it’s not finished. It needs some sort of seat and a background. So… I hope the WIP is at least acceptable. XD Those little things on my unfinished seat sketch are random doodles.


Uhm, also I’ve been thinking about theme songs for Panny. She’s fashion-forward (as in 400 years forward or something), so she must have forward music taste. :3 While watching Center Stage 2: Turn it Up, I heard a song on there and I was like, “asdfghjkl; it’s perfect,” then I spent hours trying to search for the name. Most of the soundtrack lists were of the first Center Stage, but in the end I found it. It’s “24” by Jem and I LOVE it. The instrumentals are great, and the tune is great as we and maybe even the lyrics are good (you know, rushing around this battle ladida). Give it a listen:

Isn’t it great? XD

OH, AND I’ve been thinking of joining NaNoWriMo. It will be a challenge, but a good exercise. And if the thingy allows me to write poo, even better! You guys should also try.

You know, I just realised YouTube is the best place to make a free playlist. I’m so stupid. *headdesk* MixPod and Guvera, noooo.

Lyric and Nick are getting a strange attachment to my spinner rubber. It’s not healthy. :B They’re spining it 24/7. I swear they’ve become preffosional spinners using my spinner.



2 thoughts on “Long Time No See?

  1. Yay, it’s good to hear from you again! ^^

    Oh, I’m glad you got a new sketchbook! Those are always fun ^^

    OMT. Your drawing is AMAZING! I don’t think it’s bad at all!

    Whoa, I really, really like that song! It’s perfect for Pandora!

    Mixpod makes me sad sometimes TT_TT

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