Sorry for double posting, but I just realised that it’s Halloween soon! OMR, I”m so excited! And in celebration of this scary and quite useless but fun holiday, I was thinking we could make our names scarier until Oct 31. For example, I’ve changed mine to ṩδμℓ øƒ ραη∂øяa. I dunno, some people may want to, some people may not want to.

Heh, I was also thinking of making some sort of header, and I’m sorry this is a shorty post.



8 thoughts on “BWAHAHalloween

  1. Sounds Like Fun! ^_^
    But I have a basketball game on Halloween. *Sigh* Basketball is taking over my life. I never get a break from it.

  2. OMR, you’re right! HURRAH! I love Halloween!

    Hmm, I like that idea! I feel like my name is already sort of long and tedious though, and “Spirit of Rainfall the Doctor’s Companion” is odd. I’ll try and think of something though!

    I really do like “Soul of Pandora” ^^

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