The music job!

Okay, first off, sorry for a post with no comments. I will try my best after I can get back on again.

Anyway, really short post, but I felt like sharing the news:

For the play in drama we’re required to use music, so my friend was supposed to bring an Irish jig or something.

Anyway, she posted on my Facebook that she couldn’t then today in class I got assigned the job instead!

Most people would dread this, I think, but I’m excited. I just emailed a bunch of How to Train Your Dragon songs to my friend who’s supposed to bring the speakers, and i was able to transport Amazon music to my iTunes.

Anyway, the main point is, I have the entire soundtrack (that my absolutely amazing friend got me! ❤ So thanks once again!) on my iPod and we get to use HTTYD in our play.

*awesome nod*



2 thoughts on “The music job!

  1. Yay! Your play is infinitely more awesome! ^^ I’m kind of glad the music duty fell on you–otherwise, they wouldn’t have had How to Train Your Dragon music! THE HORROR! TT_TT

    Yay, I’m glad you got it on iTunes! ^^ The only other place my computer lets me store/play music is Windows Media Player, and that’s an abolute NIGHTMARE to use ^^”

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