Too Much Thought!

Sorry I haven’t been on much, and that I’ve been spacing out on chat! TT_TT I’ve just had a lot to do and think about.

Anyway, I just wanted your opinion on something:

Let’s say there’s a girl named “Jill” and a guy named “Sam”.

Sam is involved in something against the law that gets him in trouble, but it’s not his fault (like he gets forced into doing something by threats or is working under orders)–OR it’s equally someone else’s fault (like he was antagonized into doing something or defending himself).

He tries to keep Jill from getting involved, but she tries to protect him anyway, thus implicating herself.

Which do you think would make the best story:

1. Sam gets locked away, so Jill has to work to prove him innocent (or, at least, not entirely at fault) and/or break him out of jail/the dungeons/wherever he is being held.

2. Jill and Sam get locked away, but Sam escapes and has to figure out a way to save Jill.

3. Jill and Sam get locked away, they both escape, and have to work together to prove themselves innocent/not entirely at fault.

4. Something else completely?

If I ever get around to writing this story, I’ll totally give them better names! ^^

Anyway, it ends up that we DO have the Tarzan soundtrack–and the Shrek 2 Score! And a really old CD with a lot of the music from Walt Disney World on it! My favorite is the Haunted Mansion song ^^

So how is everything going for you guys?

Sorry again for my absence! ^^”


13 thoughts on “Too Much Thought!

  1. 4. Jil and Sam get accused as guilty, and have to run away and stuff, but then they get caught while eating some stolen sushi….
    Just as Jil and Sam are about to get arrested, the “cop” that had found them, turns out to actually be on their side, and helps them pay for the sushi they stole and then they go to court and clear everything up, blah blah blah, but then a meteor hits the world and Giant mutated hamsters eat everyone!

  2. Either 1 or 2.

    Or with option 4: While trying to prove Sam innocent, Jill gets arrested herself, Sam escapes and later frees Jill. (Basically, I just combined 1 and 2.) I think you should make it take place in Medieval Times(Not like the resturaunt, but like the time in history.). It would make it easier for them to be accused of false crimes.

    If I were you, I’d be putting all these songs on my iPod. (Don’t you have a Nano Touch?)

    Meh. I started basketball practice yesterday, ran for 20 minutes straight, not counting the conditioning(Same thing as running) after, during that and It’s 1:30 AM right now… -Tiredness- But The Son of Neptune is out! 🙂

    It’s totally fine you’ve been gone. This just means you were busy with your real life.

    1. Oh, your number four sounds awesome! ^^

      Haha, I know nothing about the current law system! I was thinking about setting it in some other universe so I don’t even have to worry about any kind of research! ^^” But a Medieval-ish alternate universe would definitely be fun–I’ll consider it!

      Hehe, my Nano is all loaded up! ^^

      Whoa, you’re busy! TT_TT But yay! Son of Neptune! ^^

      Thanks for understanding!

  3. It is O.K. School and homework is the reason for everything!
    I like #1. More thrilling that way! Can’t wait for the story though!
    Awesome! I like the sound Hallelujuh(sp TT-TT) I know soo old school(:
    Eh. Fine. Rode the bus. Normal crazy stuff(:

    1. Yay, thanks for undertanding! ^^

      Thank you for your input! I doubt I’ll ever actually write it, though ^^”

      There’s nothing wrong with Old School! ^^

      Hehe, crazy can be good! I hope your “crazy” was a good crazy! ^^

  4. I like 2, especially if it has a lot of clever escapee strategies and objects and things like ROPES. 😀

    But, also:

    4. Sam frames Jill for murder and she is jailed, but later, through her loyal and small parrot, she finds out Sam was framed of framing by an evil man named Count Insert-Name, who claims to the authorities that he is Jill and Sam’s godfather. Count Whatever was actually the murderer. As the two children went into Count Blah’s care, he does everything he can to make their lives treacherous because of some money their dead parents owed him.

    Sorry that was long. XD

  5. I love your story ideas! Especially the 3 “Jill and Sam” ones you have so far. They’re really epic!

    I like 2 the best, but my input is not always so great. ^^;

    As for a different suggestion, I’m sorry, I have none! T__T The ideas I have stockpiled in my head have really nothing to do with jails or only two people, but I’ll get back to you if I end up thinking of something! There won’t be any need for that, though, everyone else gave great suggestions and yours are already amazing!

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