Just bloggin in my own little corner

Kate sat down with her backpack in her lap. Her audition number was 43 out of 52 and she knows that she’ll be as bored as heck. Auditioning for a musical is going to take practice. So she sang. In her head. The musical auditioning for is Cinderella. For auditions, she decided to sing Castle on a Cloud from Les Mis. Cosette reminded her of Cinderella. Bored she munched on some caramel popcorn and continued typing on her smartphone. However, she’s not worrying about singing nor acting. She is not the best dancer.
Update 1
Kate is still waiting. And they’re only up to number 9, she thinks. Sigh… she will just have to deal with the boredom for now.
Update 2
Kate danced, and she’s tired. And bored. 39 was just called. Yay… she thought to herself.


One thought on “Just bloggin in my own little corner

  1. Oh, that sounds like fun! I love auditions, but they’re nerve wracking! TT_TT

    OMT! I love the song “Castle on a Cloud”! ^^ It reminded me of Cinderella, too, Kate! And “The Little Princess”

    I hope she gets the lead role! ^^

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