Well, remember how more I used to do that monthly CD splurge thing? I can’t do it any more! TT_TT I have to savey my money so I can go on a trip over spring break!

But what I can do is go through all our old CDs that I TOTALLY forgot about, like the Disney Princess Collection CDs! I totally LOVE the songs from Sleeping Beauty! ^^ And Snow White’s voice is AWESOME. If I had her range, I would totally just walk around wailing in a very high pitch!

And they’re not ENTIRELY princesses–Meg’s got a song, there’s a song from The Lion King. There are also some songs from spin-offs, like Broadway shows and various things like that.

Also, I think we have the Tarzan CD somewhere, but I’m not sure ^^”

Oh, but I pre-ordered the new Evanescence CD! Twice ^^” It was an accident, though! And I cancelled one, so it’s O.K. ^^” So that cost me a little bit more than a regular CD would’ve, so I guess I can coun that as two CD’s–or one and a half–or something ^^”

But, ANYWAY! On to the review-ish-type-thing!

So far, my favorite songs from the Princess CDs are:

CD 1:

Track 1:” Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas

If my history teacher saw this, HE WOULD KILL ME! But I love the message of the song, and she has a really pretty voice!

Track 4:” Home” from Beauty and the Beat (I think they meant “Beast, but every time I see this I chuckle ^^): a Whole New Musical

This song is very pretty and emotional! Actually, I might have already posted it ^^” I remember liking it when I was younger, too!

Track 9: “I’m Wishing” from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This song is so funny! Her voice is so quavery, and then the prince randomly comes in–AHA! I laugh every time.

Track 10: “I Wonder” from Sleeping Beauty

I really like this song, and sometimes I feel like she does when she sings this (but only when Hiccup is away)! Wait–HOLY POOP! She’s only 15 when she sings this! Aha, I just figured that out ^^” I am a slow child!

CD 2:

Track 1: “I Won’t Say (I’m in Love)” from Hercules

I remember being totally obsessed with this song when I was little ^^” It’s so catchy, and so fun to sing! Although I personally think the Muses have the more fun part ^^” I love them, they’re awesome!

Track 2: “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King

This song is so pretty! I love Simba’s singing voice! Timon and Pumbaa also lend commentary at the beginning and the end, which always earns a few giggles ^^

Track 7: “Reflection” from Mulan

I love pretending I know how to sing this song! ^^” It’s so pretty! I wish I could sing like her TT_TT I really need to watch that movie again. It was definitely one of my favorites when I was younger. AND IT HAS A DRAGON! ^^

Track 10: “If I Can’t Love Her” from Beauty and the Beast (Musical)

I don’t know if this is from the same musical as “Home”, but it’s very emotional and heart-wrenching! TT_TT Poor Beast! He has a beautiful singing voice!

And now to do my homework that I have been putting off all weekend! ^^ Yay!


3 thoughts on “Watwa

  1. Oh noes! I bet the trip in spring will be worth it, though! ^^

    It’s so very fun looking through old CDs! ^^

    Evanescence ROCKS! You’re so lucky you were able to preorder! O:

    I totally agree with your favorite songs. Colors of the Wind is a really good song. As well as Reflection!

    YES! DRAGONS! Mushu is absolutely hilarious. I love him!

    Blah, homework! T__T (is doing some right now too)

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