Performances! :D

I apologize for the non-posting. :/. But I try to leave as many comments! I am little more active on my personal blog so yea. I also have a ton of clubs. Ooh and hospital visits.

Those aren’t going so well my platelet count is decreasing to 10,00. Which means my parents are deciding if I need to go get an IV each month. 0.0 Well, i watched Suite Life on Deck at the hospital! 😀

The stupid temperature is ANNOYING. It has been 50’s which means I am freezing my freaking fingers off and warm. Which i much prefer. I HATE fall. It is so stupid too me. No snow nothing to do except to freeze your butts off!

Anyways, on to my day! I so far have been trying to finish up the pile of homework from friday which I couldn’t do and Saturday. So when I finished I practiced Don’t Stop Believing which is a torture to play through. 10 pages! TT-TT! Well, Olivia came in the nick of time. My mom invited her in.

While I was eating my cheese and tomato burrito she showed me a hilarious visor of these 2 kids singing a Percy Jackson Tik Tok parody.

*Just saying Ke$ha and Percy jackon SC’s fav things ^^.

Well, there was this boy who looked like Percy yet 5 years younger and he was so STUPIDLY FUNNY! And a girl who looked like Annabeth 5 years younger and straightened hair. Boy was the song genius! ^^. Olivia printed out a copy and we went outside.

We went to Izzy’s neighborhood and sang it. We saw Izzy’s car but were disappointed to find it was Mitchell. We practiced the song some more.

*Lyrics to be posted when I am ALLOWED on the computer

I saw a man smiling at us. ^^. Also, we performed it for Michael who said it was good. We added some choreography. Olivia grabbed her sketchbook and a pencil and we sat in the tree. Not getting wet. She showed me her test and did it too each other. While I froze at the bottom. We made some adjusts too make the lyrics more funny and random. We sang it some more and I went to Olivia’s house.

We played Rock Band. I edited my characters clothes. She looked awesome with her green hair and all. ^^. We played for a while. And unlocked no-pants. xDD. I also like paramore now! ^^. We played the song Living in America a lot. And found our best an worst songs. I am so getting better at the guitar. Our best song is Whip it. ^^. There was part when we finished Living in America one of the girl band members was pouring water on the audience. 0.0 And I was smashing my guitar on the stage like I had failed even though we did a GREAT job. 0.0

Then, we changed our band to include Izzy and some other girl. When we did our “first” performance Izzy got hit in the head by band equipment. Also, our possible band names in the little skit thing was Fudge Bubble. xDD. When we played we found that Izzy’s character was singing like a man! xDD. We also ate cheesesticks.

“With Izzy singing like a man we can go anywhere!” -Me.
Olivia cracked up at this.

“Confucius says when Izzy sings like man. Anything is possible.” -Olivia.
A little more modified one of mine.

Thanks for reading!

A question fo youuu:
What is your favorite season? Why?

Mine, is spring.
It is a cheerful season with things growing and such. Also, it is my birthday season so it equals TOTALLY AWESOME! And the weather is beyond perfect.

Adios amigos and amigas(:


4 thoughts on “Performances! :D

  1. So, I looked up that Percy Jackson Tik Tok parody on youtube, and I lol’d.

    That was hilarious… xD The only think I could say, was that it should be re-done and recorded professionally. 😀

  2. I feel your pain with hospital visits. Every so often, I get a pair of cold hands up my shirt.(It’s really awkward when It’s a guy. O.e)

    It’s been between 60-80 degrees here. And 40-50 in the mornings and evenings. It’s perfect weather.

    That is so amazingly awesome. You must show this to me. I am getting really good at rapping Ke$ha. And saying ‘I like your beard.’. XD.

    Rock Band is awesome. Man-Voices are fun. Especially when you’re told to play a guy in those plays your English teacher makes you act in.

    Fall. It’s when my birthday is. And I love the weather. Cool enough you won’t die of heat exhaustion, but warm enough you can still swim.

    1. Oh, god that must be really awkward! o.o.

      Lucky you! I am freezing my butt off! -__-.

      I know your obessed with Ke$ha. Here is the linkie:

      Ya. It is ultra fun! Oh I know! It is really funny!

      That’s cool! ^^.

      1. It is. I’m like ‘Mom, please get me a girl doctor next time…’ and the curve in my back is up in the shoulder blade area, which just makes it more awkward…

        I’m guessing you either live somewhere along The East Coast, Alaska-Wild guess-, or Canada -Another wild guess-. Where I live, we’re having nice weather and the coldest it’s gotten in winter is about -10 to -15 and that’s when it’s really, really cold.

        That parody mad me smileee! (: I have random impersonations of some of the characters. XD. I preform them If we’re bored somewhere in school. *coughcoughStudyHallcoughcough*

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