Being themes!

We were having a conversation about theme songs on the chat, and mostly for our being characters.

I remember telling some others, back a while ago, that “Only the Beginning of the Adventure” from the Narnia soundtrack was RA’s, but I totally changed my mind after discovering Murray Gold.

I’ve narrowed it down to two (I may add more :P) choices:

Choice one is really nice, but around 2:00, it gets all light and cheerful, and I don’t see that as RA’s theme. But the second choice is too, I don’t know, pop-tune-ish. But then again, it’s super upbeat and exciting!

The beginning is a little uncertain for me, but towards the middle, the trumpets and all, it’s a really nice touch. I can’t say I’m a fan of thigns with vocals for RA, though.

What are your characters’ theme songs? ^^


7 thoughts on “Being themes!

  1. I like the Gallifrey one, but it’s really up to you! ^^ They’re all really cool songs!

    Nireth’s would probably be The Vikings Have Their Tea from the HTTYD soundtrack, or Epicy from the Secret of Kells soundtrack (as Flamez suggested ^^) !

  2. I love all the songs! I wouldn’t have been able to decide between them x)
    Hm..I don’t know what Phoenix’s sountrack would be, but for now, it’s Pirates Montage/He’s a Pirate [It’s been called both] from Pirates of the Caribbean, just because I like the song so much!

  3. Greacandra’s theme song is Bad Apple (I don’t know the artist D: ),
    Ravenblood’s is Dead! by My Chemical Romance,
    Tridah’s is either Numb by Marina And The Diamonds or Blanket Of Fear by Papa Roach, and Akuji’s is…um… Blue Suitcase by Erin McCarly! xD
    And those are my character’s theme songs! ;D


      Sorry, had too xD

      1. xDDDDDDDDDDD lolyes..
        It’s true, though, considering only Akuji (Ravenblood’s big sis) and Tridah came to the funeral..
        No one else really seemed to care..
        ..They were too absorbed in Nireth and VL’s wedding..
        R.I.P. Ravenblood.. :/

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