First off:

I would like to congratulate the winners of the Machine Lord Games! I wish you all the best of luck, and I’m going to cross my fingers and wish none of you get hurt!


I don’t know why, but I’ve been feeling odd lately.

It started about a month ago–my heart would start racing inexplicably, then I would feel light headed, like the world was racing by around me, and then I’d get this weird pang of pain in my stomach that would sort of bring me back down to earth.

All this would happen in a matter of seconds, but for about a minute afterward my heart would keep racing and I’d be either really light-headed and ditzy, or really freaked out and scared.

It got a little better after about a week of being REALLY bad (like, every ten minutes or so I’d have one of these freak-outs), then stopped after about two weeks. Now it’s back again!


I’m really scared! My dad’s side of the family has a long history of heart problems–I hope it’s not something blood/cholesteral/heart related!

On a happier note:


 And I tried to make Astrid on the Princess Maker, but it didn’t really work ^^”

Also, I have, like, five stories in drafts that aren’t going anywhere any time soon (O.K., so maybe not five, but somewhere around there!) so I’ll just make this a story dump post!

Story #1: An Ominous Introduction (Because I never actually got around to writing the rest of the story, that’s literally all there is ^^”)


Thunder rumbled outside, shaking the windowpanes. I held her hand tightly; I felt as if I let her go, I would never see her again.

“Thomas, please,” she said softly, her voice a comfort in the darkness. “You’re going to break my hand!”

I relaxed a bit, but refused to let go.

Lightning struck, illuminating the room for a split second. Something was wrong. I looked up and saw a third figure standing in the room with us.

The darkness returned before I was granted a clear view. I heard her scream, and her hand slipped out of mine. Lightning flashed again: she was gone, as was the third figure. Yet I was not alone.

The familiar high-pitched humming rang clearly in my ears, and dots of pale blue light began spiraling towards me. My heart stopped. Silence had arrived.


Story #2: I Don’t Even Know What I Was Writing This For or What The Plot Was


Lily was rather uncomfortable; she didn’t know why, she just felt as if she was being followed. She turned and saw a large, hulking man dressed in all black. She sped up her pace. She didn’t mean to judge, but she had heard horrible stories about people being whisked away by dark spirits or evil men.

She had fallen a little behind her friends now. “Wait!” she called, running to catch up. Something hit her on the shoulder.

She spun around and saw the man hand drawn closer; he had thrown a small pebble at her! She gasped and ran as fast as she could, ducking down a side alley. Lily held her breath, terrified.

A hand clapped down on her shoulder and she screamed, startled. She whirled around, shaking off the hand.

“Scared?” sneered a voice from the darkness. A scrawny, middle-aged man stepped from the shadows.

“Don’t be scared,” hissed a menacing-looking woman, who was holding a knife.

“We don’t want to hurt you,” the hulking man had reappeared behind Lily. She shouted with surprise and jumped backwards.

With a loud thud, she rammed into someone. Whoever it was grabbed her, holding her arms to her side, and quickly dragged her away.

“Let me go!” she screamed.

“Shh!” urged the person who had snatched her. “I’m trying to get you away from them!”

Lily tried to see her new, seemingly benign, abductor, but to no use.

“Who are you?” she asked, trying to sound brave.

“Someone who wants to protect people,” the person said.

They stopped outside a bakery, “Go inside, the person assured her, being sure to stay behind her. “You’ll be safe.”

“But what if–?” Lily turned and found that whoever had been behind her had vanished without a trace.


Story #3: It’s Some Backstory That’s Kind of Interesting Because it’s Linked to Another Story, but Really Doesn’t Matter.


“I hate this,” Tunde said, picking up a handfull of clay and dropping it back down onto the ground. “It’s boring.”

“Be patient, little one,” Cervus said, imitating their mentor. “For good things come to those who play with clay whilst they wait.”

Tunde giggled and drew a frowny face on the ball of clay she had re-assembled in her hand. “I guess it could have been worse.”

Cervus wrinkled his nose, “Easily!” He exclaimed. “Can you imagine what would happen if he had put us in here with–” his voice trailed off, and he shuddered.

“With what?” Tunde asked eagerly.

“I don’t know,” Cervus bit his lip. “I don’t know if I should tell you.”

Tunde rolled her eyes, “Come on, Cervus. Don’t be ridiculous.”

“Imagine–what if he had put us here with feces?”

Tunde stared in horror at the clay she held in her hand. “Ew, you don’t think–”

“No, no,” Cervus laughed, “I was just saying what if.”

Tunde accepted his answer, assuring herself that she would have been able to smell it if the “clay” was actually feces. However, there had been an edge to Cervus’s voice that made her uneasy.


2 thoughts on “DISEEEEEEEEEASE!

  1. Yes, I wish the same as everyone well!

    Oh I hope you have no heart problems Nireth! That would be oh so terrible! -__-. Also, my friend complimented your hair drawing abilities. She thinks you draw the hair so realistically She asks; How do you do it?

    Yea. Astrid should look a little less girly. -__-.

    You should finish em’ up! They sound great!

    1. I hope I don’t, either! It would be such a pain TT_TT I’m probably just freaking out over nothing ^^”

      Aww, your friend sounds super nice! I just kind of scribble the hair in (while heeding directional force) and use my eraser a lot, that’s all I can tell you ^^” And the hair REALLY isn’t that good ^^”

      RRGH! I wish they had leggings or a spiky belt or something! TT_TT That would actually make for a really cool princess ^^”

      Thanks! ^^ I have time constraint issues, though TT_TT RRGH! Silly school (and procrastination)!

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