Random Voice!

O.K., I found our old Disney Princess Song CDs! I was sitting there listening to the wishing well song from Snow White, and was COMPLETELY surprised when the prince’s voice came in! I forgot he saw her there! Anyway, I was like, “WHAT THE POO!?–Oh, wait, that’s right.” But it creeped me out for a moment ^^”

I have this song stuck in my head, though:

I’m pretty sure it’s from the Broadway version of Beauty and the Beast.

Does the voice sound familiar? It’s the same girl (Susan Egan) who voiced Meg in Hercules!

I know that movie isn’t accurate at all, but I absolutely love it! ^^ The animation is so cool! I don’t care too much for Hercules, but I LOVE Hades! He completely makes the movie.

There are so many movies I remember loving as a teeny kiddie (Beauty and the Beast, Fantasia 2000, Tarzan, Aladdin, etc.) that I haven’t seen in FOREVER! I’m going to go on a movie-watching spree as soon as possible! We still have a VHS player, so I can watch all of our old tapes!

Are there any movies you remember loving when you were younger that you are just longing to see?

Anyway, I need to learn these songs! It’ll be fun to just walk around singing princess songs! I already know all the songs from Tangled, so I figured it would be confusing to sing “Some Day my Prince Will Come”, “Reflection” (I LOVE THIS SONG), or “So This is Love”, etc.

I have used “etc.” twice in this post!

Random: it’s been a whole day, I’ve taken a shower, brushed my hair multiple times, styled it several different ways, even had HELP from my friends to get the thrice accursed stuff out, but still: the glitter remains from yesterday! I feel bad for my friend who had, like, an entire bucketload dumped on his head!

So, how’s everything going for you?



3 thoughts on “Random Voice!

  1. OMR, hurrah! Lucky! ^^ I’d love to find CDs of Disney princesses!

    Wow! She’s a super good singer!

    I totally agree– Hercules really wasn’t one of my favorite Disney movies. But Hades and his awesome fire hair never failed to amuse me!

    So many movies I can name! I used to love the classic Disney movies, I’d used to watch them all the time. Just thinking about them makes me all nostalgic! 😦 One of my favorites was Mulan, but not really because we’re both Asian– Mulan always inspired me and the movie was just super good. I found two covers of Mulan sung by Darren Criss! CRISS! Darren Criss + Mulan = MOST DEFINITELY AWESOME

    OMR, good luck learning them! I love Reflection too, I think it’s a GREAT choice to learn and cover! I still sing it when I’m home alone. ^^;

    Eh teh ca!

    I’m good! 😀 (now that I’ve found these covers, haha!)

    1. I know, I wish I could sing like her! Or pretty much ANY of the Disney Characters! ^^”

      We’re trying to get our English teacher to let us watch Hercules! I hope we do!

      OMT! I was totally obsessed with Mulan when I was younger! I actually entered a phase where I drew everyone with “Mulan” eyes (I tried to emulate the style–didn’t really work ^^”)

      HOLY POOP. That sounds like an amazing crossover! ^^

      Yay! I’m glad you’re doing well!

  2. I love the old Disney movies. I wish I could watch them sometime, but the new Disney only shows the new movies -Which are a load of garbage.- like ‘My Babysitter’s a Vampire’. I wish they’d bring back the old movies.

    I absolutely loved Aladin, Journey to Atlantis, and Hercules when I was younger. I just watched the second Aladin like Friday. It’s called ‘Jafar’s Revenge.’. You’re never too old for Disney classics.

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