I had a very nice day today! I didn’t have to go to most of my classes because of (in a fancy, snooty voice): THEATRE!

I did many interesting things, which include:

  • Becoming a cinnamon-scented sparkle fairy
  • Tickling a dead body’s feet (He wasn’t really dead ^^”)
  • Using a spectrascope
  • My skirt falling off in the middle of a hallway (I had shorts on underneath; it was fine!)
  • Scaring at least 60 children out of their minds

So, yes! It was super fun! ^^ I really hope I get to do this show again next year.

How was your day?






9 thoughts on “YAY!

  1. Yaay! That is great! I hope your play went well!

    Ooh. Fairies are quite fantastic! ^^.

    -__-. I would never want to touch a dead persons feet. But at least he wast really dead!

    Oh good. Glad no guys saw under your skirt!

    Aww. I bet you didn’t scare the kiddies!

    1. Thanks! ^^ It did–I absolutely had the time of my life!

      Yes, they are! I wish I was actually a fairy ^^” Or a dragon. Or Astrid.

      He started laughing–we messed with him SOOO much! ^^ It was fun.

      It was a costume skirt, and I stepped on the hem and it fell down! It was actually pretty funny ^^” No one except my friend saw it happen at all (Not to mention I had shorts on!), so it was A-O.K.!

      Some of them were pretty freaked out! I hope no one was TOO scared, though! ^^”

  2. The theater is amazing. ^_^ That role sounds fun.

    That’s a ‘I’m glad I put shorts under this skirt’ moment.

    My day was Bleh. (Read my recent post to know what I’m talking about.$

    1. It was fun! Aha, I ran around shouting at people–with a (horrible) English accent! ^^

      Indeed, it was!

      I’m so sorry about your friend! TT_TT I’m sure you guys can be pen pals, though; it really is a lot of fun!

  3. My day was awesome~
    I’m actually starting to not hate the easy math homework that much because it gives me more time to dork around and be on the computer ect…
    Might start writing (or DRAWING) for the school newspaper.. :O

    1. Yay, I’m glad you had a good day! ^^

      I appreciate easy math homework, too; especially since we’re doing graphing now! It takes SO LOOONG! TT_TT

      OMT! It would be fabulous for you to start working on the newspaper staff! You’d get to know so many people, and you’d have a great time, I’m sure! ^^

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