I’m so lazy I don’t even want to spell it out T__T

Anyway, I felt a bit tired when i got home so I took a nap and now that I’ve waken up, all I want to do is go back to sleep but I know I really can’t because than I won’t sleep tonight T__T

And look what I found in Poptropica!

OMR, IT’S A WEEPING ANGEL!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!11ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

To understand my terror, you’ll have to watch this, but i strongly suggest against it if you want to sleep tonight!

I took out my laziness on making BotB versions of the Beings. Sorry, Nireth! I can take down this post if you want ^^;



Racelynn Carter

(sorry about the Voldemort looking nose! T__T I hadn’t realized it when I was making it, and I’m too lazy to remake. D:)

Raven Avelina




Fern Koa*

The Shaded Lady

Thunder Ninja*

Will update as soon as I make more!

*not sure what they looked like, sorry! Just used the card/imagination as a reference.

**And sorry for all the wacky sizes, I’m not the best proportionate at Snipping Tool D:


2 thoughts on “Procastina–

  1. The weeping angels are so creepy. I wanted to hide in my closet after I saw that for the first time. (I will never look at a statue in the same way again.)

    I love the dolls. I’d steal those knee-high heels. (Even though I’d trip and break something attempting to wear them.)

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