Here I am once again.

Hey there.

I don’t know if anyone was curious about where in the heck I was, but my computer was basically down. It was just a bad battery, so now my computer is just 100% electricity by the socket in the kitchen. I’m back, but hopefully it won’t take over my life like last year.

But yeah, this is MT. I have very good plans for the PWH. I’m also going to return to the PHB soon, AND the PHC with DigiTalk on the side. But also making time for stupid, time-consuming homework.

That’s all.

..I wish this post wasn’t so awkward.


7 thoughts on “Here I am once again.


    And you don’t have to hike through the house for snacks. They’re right there.

    Weew! More PWH! I understand the homework deal. It wastes the time in your precious life.

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