Chameleon Circuit

Just found the [almost] best band ever– Chameleon Circuit! Their music’s great, but, the main thing is, their songs are all about Doctor Who, it’s a Doctor Who centered band! *OMR* Here’s one of my favourite songs from that band:

I also really like ‘Blink’ but I don’t think it’s fully produced or anything; just a really good idea.

Another bonus (for me)- My Youtube celebrity crush, charlieissocoollike, is in it! His accent is just so cute…I know, it’s just a standard british accent, but..:3 I strongly wish I were British!

Which reminds me. My friends almost flipped out at me the other day for spelling everything ‘Britishly’ on our paper xD

..I wish this post wasn’t so short..


4 thoughts on “Chameleon Circuit

  1. A Doctor Who Centered Band? Sweet! ‘Blink’ reminds me of the angel statues which were really, really creepy.

    British accents are cool and they use different words/spellings for a lot of words. Like ‘chips’ are actually fries. -Note to self: If in England, don’t ask for barbecue chips.-

  2. Wow, it is super cool! ^^. I really like it!

    Ahaa. I freaking love accents they mke everything so CUTE! ^^. I heart British and Australian! I also saw the video and his accent is CUTE. But nope he is still yours for the keeping!


    Short posts are fun!

  3. I love the thought of a Doctor Who centered band! It reminds me slightly of Wrock, though in my opinion a lot of Wrock bands sound like they’e swallowed a tomato before singing. (eep, don’t kill me!) I do like Exterminate Regenerate though! ^^

    I love British accents. A guy with a British accent (or Scottish, like David Tennant!) is automatically adorable!

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